I hate Boston

First off, let me apologize in advance for my friends that live and/or grew up in Boston – you can’t help it; I still love you guys.

Anyway – after watching the umpteenth ESPN report on Bill Belichick and the New England Patriot I’ve finally had it.   Actually I probably had it this past summer when the Yankees vs. Red Sox reduced the rest of the civilized world to afterthoughts; or maybe when the Minnesota Timberwolves decided to save Danny Ainge’s job.   Yes the Boston sports teams are good, but do I have to hear about them every waking moment?   It seems that we went from the Boston media whining about “The Curse” to being totally inundated with Boston is great sports stories 24/7.   Yes, the adulation is deserved, their teams are on a run that is ridiculous, but the national media too often seems like national means New York and Boston and some other cities.

Take this weekend’s game versus the Jets.   The Patriots are 3 touchdown plus favorites to win   This is a game that no one should be paying attention to.   But add a little spygate redux and the game is dominating the NFL coverage on ESPN.   It’s a game that no one should care about, but ESPN tells us we should.   Wait until the Patriots play the Dolphins – undefeated vs. winless – we’ll be hearing about that all week.   It’s just too much.

I think part of the problem is that too many of the writers, editors, researchers, etc. come from the Boston area and are fans of the teams there.   They have succeeded in making Boston the center of the known universe (or at least broadcasting their belief that that is so).   So essentially we get incomplete sports coverage shoved down our throats.   I remember when ESPN was actually good;   when it wasn’t just slam dunk, “booya”, touchdown, “jacked up”,   HR, “en fuego”.   Now it’s just about creating stories and whoring products.   And if the stories just happen to showcase a Boston team – then all the better.

Yes some of this is sour grapes.   I live here in Philadelphia where our sports teams basically suck.   We’re in a streak that makes the Red Sox curse a non-story .   25 years without one of 4 teams winning a championship – multiply that out and you get a 100 seasons of futility. Yet I don’t see Will Smith producing a documentary whining about it like Ben Afleck did.

Anyway, I guess it could be worse; the Bruins could win something.

19 thoughts on “I hate Boston

  1. I feel your pain – I’ve lived through the trades of Moses Malone, Scott Rolen, Curt Schilling, Allen Iverson, and Charles Barkley. And before my time Philly actually traded Wilt Chamberlain – how do you trade Wilt?

    Anyway – the Twins would be so awesome if they had the Yankees budget.

  2. Ha ha ha. I live in Boston and I hate this about Boston.

    I couldn’t care less about sports. I typically watch playoffs regardless of who’s playing just because it’s an event. But I tend to root against Boston teams.

    Don’t tell too many people here. I might get poisoned or stabbed or shot or something.

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  4. First of all how were we whining about The Curse. It’s not whining, no one in Boston takes it seriously. It’s just something to make light of the fact that we sucked for so long. The Boston vs. Yankees doesn’t just involve the Red Sox, so why hate only the Red Sox for it?

    Then you constantly mention the media. How is that Boston’s fault if the media is the one responsible for all the hype.

    “I think part of the problem is that too many of the writers, editors, researchers, etc. come from the Boston area and are fans of the teams there. They have succeeded in making Boston the center of the known universe (or at least broadcasting their belief that that is so)” WHAT? Yes because Boston writers are taking over the country…give me a break. ESPN showing a Boston team, that’s ESPN’s fault, not Boston’s!

  5. LOL – poor David from Boston came to my website 45 minutes after the Super Bowl to complain about my anti-Boston bias.

    You have the floor David – I’ll be looking for more details on tonight’s game. Can’t get enough.

  6. What an immature response, yet they say Boston fans are immature and annoying. I never really understood this.

    Btw the Giants played incredible. They deserved it if that’s what your going to criticize me about and label me a sore loser seeing how I’m from Boston. Giants defense, unstoppable.

  7. David – I think you’re taking this all a bit too seriously dude. I love my Philly sports teams and I would love for them to be hated – because if you’re hated, that means you’re good. Think about the most hated teams – the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Yankees, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Boston Celtics (from the old days). They’re hated because they’re good.

    So take this entire post as a backhanded complement to your Boston teams.

  8. Not only does Boston have sports teams dominating the country, but it’s also a city of character and charm. The city itself is beautiful and the best place to live. Florence, Paris, Berlin, New York….nah. I take Boston.

  9. Boy… i hate Boston. I hate all of those stupid ass-clowns who were at the park last night asking where the BAAAAbque is…
    Ass clowns.
    Try being a Philadelphia sports fan; it actually takes heart to do it.

  10. You folks complaining about Boston Sports Teams would all be very happy [yourselves] to be in our enviable position. Look, The Celtics have joined the Parade, now, too! We just need the Bruins to put it all together to make it a Perfecta!
    -> Unfortunately – that Ownership Group is from Buffalo..
    {Talk about Loser Cities!}

  11. Jim – didn’t I say that before? I would love for my Philly teams to be hated. Think of the most hated teams – the Cowboys, the Lakers, the Yankees – what do they have in common – they win.

    Better to be hated than overlooked – I mean honestly – does anyone hate the Arizona Cardinals or the Memphis Grizzles? (Ok – I hate the Grizzlies for simply giving away Gasol, but I might be insane).

  12. You are just sad that you don’t live in this city. We have the celts,sox,pats and revs that could cream your teams any day .

  13. Seriously – do you beaneaters read the post and comments before posting? I gave you your props – your teams rock. The fans are full of themselves, but you probably deserve to be.

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