Pollstar Premium goes bye bye

As far as I can tell, I’ve been paying for Pollstar’s Premium service for 5 years. Their premium service awesome, if simple, and definitely worth the $10 a year I paid. You told it what artists, venues, and cities you were interested in, and you get an email anytime their tour itinerary changed. You could even limit it to your region (a feature I never used because of my habit of traveling to see a show). Over the years it has been the one reliable concert notification service I counted on.

I received the following message from Pollstar a couple weeks ago:

Dear Pollstar Premium Subscriber,

Pollstar.com is in the process of upgrading our site, including many of our online features. Because the changes to Pollstar.com will be substantial, new or renewed Premium memberships are no longer available.

We still offer all users our free auto-notify accounts for five artists or venues. If you wish to continue to receive these free notifications after your Premium expiration date you will need to edit your list down to five selections.

We anticipate launching more new features in the near future and hope you will continue to enjoy using Pollstar.com during our time of transition.

Thank you for using Pollstar!

Your Premium account expiration date: 01/06/2008

Going from the 60 plus artists I currently track, to the 5 I will get, will be painful. What I hate is the poor customer service here – I’ve been a paying customer for 5 years and a user for longer and they give me no information – when will these updates to the site be coming? Will they replace my features that I’m giving up? How about grandfathering paying customers instead of cutting them off at the knee? I don’t know if they are adding features that make this service moot like an RSS feed for every artist, venue, and city, but they should tell me this. Also this information they have is valuable – they could make tons of Google adword revenue because people want accurate notice of when they’re favorite bands are coming.

If you’re a pollstar premium subscriber, I ask you to contact their This entry was posted in Music and tagged by Spencer. Bookmark the permalink.

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