Black people don’t have values (Mitt Romney’s thoughts)

Been watching some of last night’s CNN YouTube Republican Debate in order to confirm my dislike of Republicans; I was not disappointed. An example? Mitt Romney is one of the leading candidates on the Republican side. When asked what should be done to reduce crime he states we need to get back to family values and in the African-American community 68% of children are born out of wedlock.

This is the sort of divisive comment that the Republicans are good for. Two of his three efforts to reduce crime increased family values and increase policing. To reduce crime you need to improve the economy, you need to improve the schools, you need to give poor people options. Romney’s solution is to lock more black men up – that hasn’t worked at all for the past 40 years to reduce crime.

If you want a laugh, watch some of the moronic hicks and their gun control questions.

14 thoughts on “Black people don’t have values (Mitt Romney’s thoughts)

  1. Mitt Romney is a privileged, clumsy doofus, but I didn’t see much that was offensive. If he was better spoken, the root of what he said was actually quite real and thoughtful and could be applied to almost any community in this country. More solid upbringing, better schools.

    However, he gets way off track. Why does he start talking about Bill Cosby and sex offender’s photographs? Has nothing to do with inner city crime. He’s obviously uncomfortable talking about black issues, and so he trips on his own tongue.

    And, I like this, “How?? Get more moms and dads!” Oooooooooookay. Um, should we order them from Amazon?

  2. If he had said we all need better family values, it wouldn’t be offensive. He singled out African Americans as needing better family values – isn’t that something that we all should aspire to? Also, I’ve always hated the term family values because to me it means assimilate – be just like us. Family values has come to mean something other than what it should – it means straight, christian, and married. So yes, if your kids don’t have a father, better go order one up.

  3. What’s so great about wedlock, anyway? Seems like the chances of having shitty parents is pretty equal inside the lock as it is outside.

  4. Three comments from three dysfunctional people who can’t see the value of parents. The saying” the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” is real folks. Listen to Dr Laura. She spends her entire show listening to callers talk about their problems from drugs, adultery, etc. and the one thing the callers have in common is their split, dysfunctional families or non families. Romney used the black community as an example because they have the highest rate of children born out of wedlock. Kids having kids without any responsibility and with without parental guidance. And it gets worse, generation after generation.

    And Bill Cosby was offensive. But he was right!

  5. I agree, but it doesn’t explain the entire lack of values and morality that you see in families where there are two parents. I live in the suburbs and see the most moronic kids walking around that have all the benefits that inner city or poor children don’t have. I see so many mean people, people without compassion or people that just don’t care about other people in today’s society. That has nothing to do with parents or lack of parenting – it has to do with good parenting – and there isn’t enough of that.

  6. You are entirely right Spencer. The key word is good. I don’t think that idea is lost on Romney however. Some of the little rich kids from my neighborhoods with two parent families are some of the worst, and it can be traced, in most cases, to parents who are into their own personal lives that they don’t have time to teach their kids any morals and/or give them guidance.

    A good comparison can be made between the Giuliani family and the Romney family.

  7. Mitt Romney is a cracker.
    If he becomes president, I am going to have to move to Canada.
    I can’t take even one more year of a religious freako spouting his rhetoric from the open hole in his head that is his mouth.

    The end.

  8. It is interesting to me that identifying one problem without identifying the tons of others out there is cause for derision. I’m not a Mitt fan. That being said, the problems I see in children stem largely from lack of strong parents, a society that promotes values, not virtues, and one where an adult’s momentary happiness (whatever that means) is more important than the stability of children, family and society.

    The biggest regrets in my life are the times when I wasn’t the best parent my children needed me to be. It is the times I was so wrapped up in my personal dramas, both real and imagined that my children weren’t first.

    When I was a kid, at least half the homes on my block had one parent home and they weren’t shy about telling any of the kids to shape up. We had a mixture of all races and all backgrounds, but seemed to all share a common understanding of what kids should and shouldn’t do.

    Do we see that now?

    What I do see is that for whatever reason (forgive me for saying this, but militant feminism seems one of the causes) men are often treated as if they are an accessory, not a necessity. Why should a man stick around and do the right thing by his family and his kids if he is not honored for his contribution? Why stay if, when times are hard and he cannot find a good job, the welfare system will only help his family if he’s gone?

    Do kids need men to be men? Absolutely. Men have many admirable qualities that in the best scenario are good for children. Can children turn out well without men when necessary? Yes. But it is better for them to be raised by good men and women who value each other for their strengths and weaknesses and compliment each other.

    Anyway, back to Mitt. How do any of these candidates properly address complex issues in mere minutes? You cannot, but we don’t listen to long drawn-out debates or carefully crafted arguments and ideas. It must be in sound-bites. Very few people are good in sound bites.

  9. Truthfully. He singled out African-Americans because the problem that they singled out was on AFRICAN-AMERICANS. Don’t say that someone is dense because of it. If someone were talking about crimes in other places with low wedlock numbers, he would probably be saying the same thing.

  10. Kim – great, great comments. I agree with you so much – I think that there is a belief that quantity trumps quality. Just because there are single parents out there doesn’t mean they can’t be good parents. There are a lot of horrible two parent families out there and a lot of great single parent families too.

    Eva – I have to admit tat you are correct. It still rubs me wrong because I think the term “family values” is a buzzword for conservative white men to say “be like us”. It means nothing asides from Christian and straight.

  11. I also want to add that being a good parent does not make one a good president. Someone here used the Romney/Giuliani comparison, as if since Mitt’s kids seem respectable and like him while Rudy’s kids hate his guts, Mitt=Good President. That’s the kind of voting strategy that makes me so angry. Hey, there’s a guy that makes me laugh! Hey, there’s a guy that says a phrase in Spanish while speaking in New Mexico! Hey, there’s a guy that puts his arm around his kid! I’ll vote for that guy.

    How about voting for the person with a wide view of the world, who is smart and tough and who is a proven statesman (or stateswoman) of some sort? That’d be so nice.

  12. mitt romney is a jackass he is without a doubt an african american hatin skin head that is so stupid he talk to busch and if i wanted this guys lip ide unzip suck it mitt

  13. Hey jason- i love how when mitt says one bad comment about african americans, you say that he’s without a doubt a black hater. If i said ‘in my community 75% of people in jail are mexicans’ (which they aren’t i just made that up) then would you say that without a doubt im a mexican hater? he just used african americans as an example because they had one of the higher percentages. One comment doesn’t make someone racist.

    oh and joey? i think this board was about what he said, not what his religion is. so before you judge someones religion, take the time to learn a little bit about it before you judge someone about it. Seriously, mormons aren’t as freaky as you think.

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