Spencer update

For anyone that cares, I accepted a new position on Monday.   The new job seems like a much better situation – at the very least it’s walking distance from home and pays more – but I’m hoping for a lot more than that.

So the decision to leave my previous position without a job has seemingly worked out.

  • http://www.thewebpen.net/blog Howard


    And Congrats! Hope it goes well. Have you started yet?

  • Spencer

    Thanks – 12/11 – so I get an extra week off (as if I need one).

  • http://fortyninepercenter.blogspot.com/ joey

    Good stuff.


  • http://moodyboy.com Kenny

    Hey, I guess my not answering the phone when they called for a reference worked out. Yay for both of us! Congratulations, I’m sure it’s going to be great. i can’t imagine being able to walk to work.

  • http://merujo.blogspot.com Merujo

    Walking distance from home? SWEET!!!!

    Congrats, big time!

  • http://stillbaking.ca/blog suze

    Wahoo! Congratulations :) I hope you enjoy it.