My Top 5 cereals of the 70’s

Kristen and I were talking about favorite cereals growing up yesterday and of course I had to make a list. I’m a child of the 70’s when sugar wasn’t bad for you. Of course now we know better, but the damage is done. And kids my age enjoyed the damage. So while now my favorite cereal is Kashi Golean Crunch (a less sweet Sugar Crisp that’s good for you), back then I wasn’t so discriminating. Here are my top 5 favorite cereals growing up. Share yours in the comment section.

  1. Cocoa Pebbles – what could be better? Cereal that when you’re done with it, leaves you with chocolate milk. A great dessert too! Note: Don’t be fooled by Fruity Pebbles (just not as good) or Cocoa Krispies (Not as chocolaty).
  2. Frosted Flakes – They’re GRRREAT! The beauty of this cereal is in it’s simplicity – sweetened cornflakes. And Tony the Tiger is almost as cool as Sugar Bear.
  3. Super Sugar Crisp – Forget about the fact that they’ve changed the name a million times to downplay the sugar (now it’s called Golden Crisp). This cereal was awesome and had the best character in Sugar Bear single the best jingle “Can’t get enough of that Super Sugar Crisp”.
  4. Lucky Charms – Had to include a marshmallow type cereal in here and by a nose this beats out Count Chocula – one reason: better marshmallow to cereal ratio. You laugh but when your sister goes and eats all the marshmallow charms by hand – this is an important consideration.
  5. Cap’n Crunch – Doesn’t rate higher because too much Cap’n Crunch is not a good thing. Still, my mom bought it every once in awhile – and for that it was perfect.


9 thoughts on “My Top 5 cereals of the 70’s

  1. There was an episode of Family Guy that caught me off guard with one of its random tangent moments – it was Cap’n Crunch in some guy’s office telling him that his cereal didn’t scratch up the roof of your mouth! I just about died laughing because the only times I ever had it (Sugar Corn Pops was the only sugared cereal Mom allowed in the house), the good Cap’n scratched the hell out of my mouth. I thought I was the only one until that Family Guy moment. So weird!

    (In college, I discovered Fruit Loops. Dear god, what a sugary revelation – great in the cafeteria when coming off a night of drinking…)

  2. Okay Spencer, you’ve gotten me out of my self-imposed comment hiatus (at least temporarily) with this one…

    Cap’n Crunch is the man! #1 is the Peanut Butter variety! Merujo, you just have to let those buggers soak for a few minutes to avoid the scratch. In fact, my girls both had it this morning…although in my old age, I now eat Shredded Wheat ‘n Bran (prepared in a very idiosyncratic manner I won’t embarrass myself by divulging here) pretty much every day for breakfast.

    But I digress from the 70’s — so does Cap’n Crunch Peanut Butter & Cap’n Crunch Crunchberries count as 1 choice or 2? Mmmm, crunchberries…that completely non-specific-berry artifical flavoring – yum! And probably lots of red dye to boot.

    LOVED Alphabits (foreshadowing my future love of the Jellyfish album Spilt Milk?) and I remember spending, like, an hour on a typical Saturday morning spelling my full name (including confirmation name, like any good Catholic girl would) with the contents of my cereal bowl, lining the letters up on the kitchen table. (So, yeah, I was a geek from way back.)

    Sugar Pops in the single-serve box were often snatched from the Temple U caf and eaten dry during my college years (which I’m sad to say involved the latter part of the 70s.) Those glorious golden nuggets have just the right crunchness/yielding-to-the-bite ratio.

    Hard to assign a last place, except that I did eat a lot of Sugar Smacks (is this the precursor to Super Sugar Crisp, or a different brand?)…strangely enough, I remember really liking Puffed Rice, which I now suspect was actually made of styrofoam.

  3. Wow – we were never allowed sugar cereal as kids. Seriously, the most sugary cereals we ever got were Honey Nut Cheerios. My mom even gave us Carob one year for easter rather than Chocolate.

    The one time she relented to to our pestering was to buy us Cinnamon Toast Crunch and it was so sweet and awful that we refused to eat it after one bowl.

    Oh, and my brother got Corn Pops once in a while, but I never liked them.

  4. @Merujo – You thought you were the only one? Cap’n Crunch is FAMOUS for ripping the roof of your mouth to shreds! It happens to eeeeeeveryone who eats. If someone tells you it doesn’t do that to them, they are lying. :D

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