Whoring with Jerry Seinfeld

Is anyone else tired of seeing Jerry Seinfeld whoring himself out for his new movie (I refuse to use he name)?   Add to that NBC has basically sold its soul to advertise the movie – I mean 4 weeks of N”BEE”C TV?   I’ve gone from thinking the movie might be a little cute to actively campaigning against it.

Thank god for DVR and the ability to skip commercials.

7 thoughts on “Whoring with Jerry Seinfeld

  1. No, kidding. Those @!$&*^ commercials are obnoxious. Add to that his wife’s stupid and apparently plagiarized cookbook and it makes me wonder what we ever saw in him in the first place.

  2. I’m sick to death of hearing about Jerry and his freaking Bee movie. I was already sick of it back when he showed up in Cannes in a bee suit.

    Through a rate cut with Verizon for my FIOS service (cheaper than Comcast, whoo-hoo) I get a DVR this week. Thank god.

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