Angel 6th Season!

Meant to post this a month ago.   As cool as the Buffy Season 8 comics have been, Angel Season 6 is actually necessary with the cliffhanger ending we were left with.   So it’s welcome news to see that there will be a Dark Horse release of Angel: After the Fall in November.   Got the following images from Ain’t it Cool News.


Click the image for bigger images.

  • Merujo

    I cannot wait! This is, for me, a bigger “what happened next?” moment that with Buffy. At least with Buffy, we knew folks got the heck outta Dodge (well, Sunnydale) to move on with their lives. But with Angel? Aiiiiieeeeeee! Who knows?!?

    This will be most excellent.

  • Blake

    can i get this from somewhere???

  • Spencer

    I’ve been getting my Angel and Buffy comics from