Substance over style

I haven’t written in a few days and it’s not because I haven’t had the time – I currently have plenty of time. About two months ago, with a wedding coming up, I decided to leave my job – that resignation took effect this past Friday.   The company I worked for had become unbearable for me – and I never want to be labeled a whiner. No, I believe if you’re having a problem, you hit it head on no matter how uncomfortable doing that might be.

I was tired of my job making me a bad person to be around. I was unhappy with the person I had become over the summer. I had been talked out of leaving on more than one occasion, but by mid-September, I knew it was time. I was able to enjoy my wedding, go on a honeymoon, and come back home and work a final two weeks without dreading what awaited.

That doesn’t take away from the fear I feel. I’ve been out of work before, but this is the first time I chose it on my own. I know eventually I’ll find something; hopefully sooner rather than later. Job hunting isn’t fun. If it were up to me companies would interview you and hire you on the spot; I’ve had it happen. But most of the time there are long periods of waiting while they decide. So you have to remind yourself constantly that your schedule is not their schedule. And to never count on something until it can be counted on.

Eventually I will find something and this period of doubt will be nothing more than a faded memory.

So what about the title of this post? Just a statement I wanted to make. I realize that style is important. I don’t consider myself, unstylish. But I do consider myself to be a person that puts the content over the wrapper and will continue to do so.

3 thoughts on “Substance over style

  1. Except for presents, right? The wrapper still goes on the outside, right?

    It’s good to hear about someone leaving something that no longer made them happy. So many suffer simply because it’s comfortable.

  2. Nope – from now on, the wrapping is the present! OK – yes, you can put the wrapping on the outside if you insist.

    Let’s hope I don’t drive us to the poor house. Kristen is very understanding.

  3. Good for you, Spencer!

    In an effort to not make light of your rather monumental decision, I will pass on the many tongue-in-cheek career paths I had thought of suggesting to you. (For example, I wouldn’t even think of mentioning “skunk wrangler” or “professional bon vivant.”)

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