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While away last week Radiohead fired the shot heard around the music world. They have decided to release their new album, In Rainbows on their website bypassing the traditional label route. In true Radiohead fashion, this is no simple cash transaction. There are two options, a box set meant for die hard fans that comes with the release on vinyl, extra CDs, and artwork. It also comes with a $80 price tag. You can also just download DRM free MP3s from their site at a price you determine. That’s right, you name the price you’re willing to pay. I paid 4 pounds (about $7.60). A coworker of mine paid nothing. Want to share it, go ahead.

This could be a remarkable change in the way music is offered to listeners. Radiohead is the first major band to really go around the labels in such a significant way. Imagine acts like U2, Green Day, or Kanye West doing the same thing – the labels are dying as it is; and it’s about time. The labels operate by trying to resist consumer desires at a cost most consumers don’t want to pay. $20 for a CD? DRM on downloads? iTunes purchases only work on an iPod? All bullshit.

Put it this way, Radiohead could charge $2 for every download of the album and get what a label is willing to give them. The label would charge at least $10 for the same download on iTunes with a buttload of restrictions. And Radiohead can afford the risk. There’s nothing bad in this for consumers at all.

Here’s to Radiohead.

So what about the music? I’ve listened to it 4 or 5 times and can say it’s Radiohead. It’s along the lines of their last release, Hail to the Thief in sound – blending traditional rock sounds with electronic beats. I’m a Radiohead diehard, so it’s an A+ for me, but I feel it’s easily one of their more accessible releases – while still earning raves from me.

Anyway – support the shift in the industry. Pay a pound. Pay nothing. But go and download the album. Use the following link:

Click Here for Radiohead In Rainbow

8 thoughts on “Radiohead: In Rainbows

  1. Great stuff, Spencer.

    You and are definitely in agreement.
    NIN are probably going in the same direction. Trent Reznor got himself released from his contract, too. He basically said he was going to be making his music available to his fans via the internet.

    I wonder if this will be as good for younger/newer bands.

    I think Radiohead benefits from being a more established act with a bigger following. Will this hurt smaller acts?

    It just seems that newer bands would have to work pretty hard to defeat the business model that has been in place for the better part of the last century.

    Here’s hoping this is the first shot in a long (good for the consumer) revolution.

  2. I see this helping smaller acts in different ways – for instance emusic is a similar system – DRM free, low cost, but it gives rise to smaller indie acts such as Spoon, Interpol, and Arcade Fire – all big acts on eMusic first. This legitimizes labeless distribution – smaller acts wouldn’t be able to generate the traffic through their own sites, but on a portal such as eMusic, Facebook, or Myspace they could eschew the labels and the stores

    This is also a blow against Apple and iTunes – as is the Amazon store. Shouldn’t you be able to use your music on any device? I shouldn’t be stuck buying from one store just because I have an iPod.

    I was disheartened by the RIAA win against the young lady in Minnesota, but this is a great strike back at them.

  3. Just got it. Paid 3 pounds. Partly bc I didn’t trust my converting to dollars and worried I was paying a lot, haha.

    I love it so far, but I am so biased when it comes to Radiohead.

  4. actually.. i’m a Radiohead music fanatic too..
    i’ve got some of their CD albums already.. to name a few like OK_computer/Kid_A.
    ummmm.. except, in Rainbows… lol!

  5. i’ve read also that the best stand-out album track is… “body snatchers”
    hmmmm… most probably, the lighter version of “No_Surprises/Tree_Spirit” w/c is VideoTape.. ryt?

    anyway.. i’m looking forward soon of getting a copy of Their latest Album.

  6. lastly.. im behalf of all The Radiohead’s fans out there.

    i just wud like to thanx’s Spencer & Scarlet for Posting their comments.

    more power to you guys !!!

  7. Bodysnatchers is my favorite track – but 15 Steps is also very cool. Nude and Reckoner shouldn’t be overlooked. WTF – listen to the whole thing, it’s all standout.

    BTW – it’s really easy to get a copy of their new album – you don’t even have to pay (although it’s worth more than that.) Just go to

    And yes, you’re right reysmayonila – we do rock. ;)

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