Yes, I cried

Well I’m back and better than ever. The past 10 days have been the best 10 days of my life starting, of course, with getting married to Kristen on September 29.

The wedding day was just plain perfect. Not a cloud in the sky, not too warm, not too cool. The wardrobes? No malfunctions. The caterers were on time, the cake was was awesome, the friends and family happy, parents beaming, the drinks flowing; and the bride? Well she was breathtaking. (OK – the florist’s plan of a ceremony surrounded by floating candles sounded better than reality, but honestly I had forgotten about that until now). What else?

Oh yes, I cried and I’ve gotten a ton of crap for that. And for that I say if you can’t cry at your wedding, then where can you cry? I say births, deaths, and yes weddings. Crying good for all.

There were a lot of touches that we added to the wedding. So one of our “touches” was the iPod cake topper. We did a lot of searching for a cool cake topper and discovered that no such animal exists. Kristen had the iPod idea and I had the idea to ask my artist best man Grace to put it together. ipodtopper.JPG

Turned out well. The best wedding ever if I’m allowed to brag.

Trying to recap the best day of your life in a blog post is pretty much impossible. I’m thinking that I’ll have more to say over the next few months.

Pictures to come.

8 thoughts on “Yes, I cried

  1. I’m so glad your wedding was incredibly lovely.

    I think it’s beautiful to cry on that day…it shows how phenomenally happy and in-love you are…and how much the ceremony truly means to you.

    Hope no one’s still giving you a hard time about your show of emotion…

    On another note:
    The iPods — genius move.

    Love to you and Kristen,


  2. Honestly, Spencer, seeing your emotion was the best part of the whole shebang for me (and not because I’m some kind of weird sadist…or in spite of that ;-)) It was lovely and true…and more than appropriate.

    I *was* hoping for a wardrobe malfunction though…oh well…

    On the wardrobe topic — if I may be superficial — great suit! You looked like a million bucks. And (of course) Kristen was the beautiful bride she couldn’t help but be.

  3. You get a lifetime to look back and remember what a great day it was. :) Seriously, the weather could not have been better. The venue rocked. You guys looked fab. Everyone had a blast. And may I just compliment you guys on your whole design concept, too? The brown and blue vibe was very nice, indeed!

    If you’re really nice, I bet Cyn will show you the blackmail-worthy photograph of me trying watermelon pop rocks at the reception…

  4. Congrats man. I love the ipod idea. Hopefully you were too busy on your honeymoon to watch the Phils in the playoffs.

    All the best to you and Kristen,

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