A big day

Thanks Grace. Thanks everyone. Just got back from the rehearsal dinner and I didn’t think I could sleep tonight, but I am tired. Can’t wait for tomorrow, but yes, I’m a little nervous about things going well

I won’t be posting much over the next week, if at all (guess why). But when I get back, watch for a big post.

4 thoughts on “A big day

  1. Spencer & Kristen – I really enjoyed myself this weekend. You can put on one knee-slappin’ shin-dig! Have an awesome time in Wine Country. – Mouse

  2. Aaargh…I’m having arubberdoor withdrawal! The nerve of you two actually taking a honeymoon…I mean, especially after you leave us with the “big post” tease.

    Seriously now (can I be serious?) I just know you two are having a wonderful time. The real world can wait a little longer.

    But you’d better spill as soon as you get back ;-)

  3. Best. Wedding. Ever.

    It was such fun and so lovely. I can’t thank you enough for letting me come and witness this wonderful celebration.

    You guys are totally cemented in my mind as one of the coolest couples ever. :)

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