Joseph and Mary take the Maury Povich paternity test

If you’re religious at all, don’t watch. (Of course I’ve watched it a dozen times and laughed my ass off each).

4 thoughts on “Joseph and Mary take the Maury Povich paternity test

  1. Well…I’ve written several questionable comments and then backspaced, because I don’t want to further offend anyone already offended by the parody. A tricky business, this religion thing.

    Let’s just say I laughed. Out loud. (There. Nobody’s feelings hurt, right?)

    Oh, MySpace tells me today’s your birthday, Spencer. If so — Happy Birthday! Enjoy the day!

  2. Okay, so I DO consider myself quite religious, yet find this completely funny and appropriate… So I guess in a nutshell, that’s why my religion, no matter how strong I may consider it, doesn’t quite fit in with some of the mainstream, eh?

    And… Happy birthday, Spencer!! Yeah, hell of a good week you have going here, isn’t it?

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