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It’s interesting the difference in uproar between the Jena six story and the Michael Vick case.

Just saying.

It’s not over yet. As long as one of those young men is still in jail or about to stand trial – then it’s not over. A Jena, Louisiana school board member by the name of Billy Fowler said “Outsiders need to stay away.” Well that’s how Jena was allowed to remain entrenched in 1950 – because outsiders stayed away. Now they have the audacity to demand that we allow their racist ways to go on unchecked – I say we need to be just as audacious as they are. People often ridicule Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, but look what remains in this world.

Don’t let the leaders in Jena off the hook and don’t forget the Jena six.

Nice post on the Huffington Post

Interested in donating? Read the following article Chicago Sun Times that lists the following address for donations:

Jena 6 Defense Fund
P.O. Box 2798
Jena, La. 71342.

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  1. These boys need money to fund a first class legal defense which will very likely lead them to the appeal process and maybe the Supreme court…Donate to the Jena Six Legal Defense Fund of your choice.
    Less demonstrating…More Donating!

  2. Agreed – people just need to be careful that the money they donate actually gets to where it’s needed. There are a lot of asshole predators out there that pounce upon an opportunity such as this to get people to forget common sense and open their wallets blindly. Here’s a link to an article in the Chicago Sun Times that lists the following address for donations:

    Jena 6 Defense Fund
    P.O. Box 2798
    Jena, La. 71342.

  3. I’m so sorry — I meant to write a piece on my blog, directing folks to your excellent post, and I’ve been so bogged down in my own crap, I never did. I apologize for that. I just read the update on CNN. I’m glad so much attention was drawn to this despicable situation. But I’m sure for every one case we hear about, there are six we don’t. And that’s to our nation’s shame.

  4. Spencer, VERY good point about the Michael Vick case comparison. That story was inescapable throughout all media. This one seems obviously more vital — (apologies to the animal rights folks) — to the progress of humanity evolving beyond racist behavior, but it’s gotten shamefully little play comparitively. It’s sad that, while I actually work in radio, I learned the most detail of this story here.

  5. Randy – you make a strong point – how can we be expected to care for animals when we don’t really care for each other?

    Merujo – there’s still time. Your blog gets many more readers than mine – so write a post about it. You don’t have to direct them here – just tell them about this.

  6. Hey Spencer, what is it that your ‘just trying to say’?? And radiocynic, what kind comparison are you looking for between Vick and Jenna?? You all need to check yourselves, stay realistic and stop playing victim. The REAL victims are the dogs that were beaten into killing machines, dogs used as bloody bate, those that were electrocuted, shot, drowned, and dogs WITH THEY SKULLS KICKED IN. Step in and say somethin right now suckers?! Wow, this site is blessed with just one entry on either of these cases. Yea, see how much you care. We are all born with the same rights and an opportunity to create a life for ourselves like dumb ass no dick VICK. This man had it all, he don’t give a rats ass about the community he just cares about himself and his ego and ya’ll wanna be just like him-think he’s done nothing wrong. DOGFIGHTING is enslaved animals ripped to shreds. Get off each others dicks and see the truth. I hope he falls straight down to hell. Vick just turned around and gave ya’ll the red-eye. I will die de-faming that coward. I used to be his biggest fan/had his jersey. I BET YOU GUYS DON’T KNOW HOW TO FOLLOW FOOTBALL. Stop complaining about this ‘nation’ and go help in DARFUR where there is actual genocide. You probably don’t know where that is. I hope the biggest baddest pit bull comes find you and rip you to shreds.

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