Feist 1234 Video

I love the Feist video for 1234. It’s currently being used in the iPod Nano commercial. The production of the song reminds me of Aimee Mann and her voice kind of reminds me of Bjork. I’ve been fighting off buying this cd, but I can’t resist.

Feist - The Reminder

5 thoughts on “Feist 1234 Video

  1. Yeah, I like this more than I’ve liked LOTS of new stuff recently, and you nailed the description. Her voice has a lot of Bjork’s interesting qualities, but she’s technically a way-better singer (staying in tune and the like…)

  2. This is a happy and upbeat song. We need more cheer in the dismal Bush/Cheney world. The voice, finger snaps, banjo, and horns. What’s not to love. Buy the CD and support the talent. I bought two. I’m a damn near 60 tattooed and Harley riding ex-hippy doctor that finds her music delightful. It reminds me a bit of Harry Nielson–check him out, youngsters, as well.

  3. Dr. Ken – you’re awesome, and I did buy the CD. This song is fun and like artists like Sufjan Stevens and Andrew Bird – there’s so much good stuff going on in her music. Love it.

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