A big day

Thanks Grace. Thanks everyone. Just got back from the rehearsal dinner and I didn’t think I could sleep tonight, but I am tired. Can’t wait for tomorrow, but yes, I’m a little nervous about things going well

I won’t be posting much over the next week, if at all (guess why). But when I get back, watch for a big post.

Everything Is Illuminated

Since Spencer is a busy man these last remaining days leading up to his wedding day, I have volunteered to guest blog. (I’m Grace, his best [wo]man.) I decided to take this opportunity to do some celebrating and bragging—about what else? Spencer and Kristen!

Spencer is getting married this weekend. He’s a lucky man—Kristen is one A-class, wonderful person. And of course, Kristen is a lucky woman too. They are a great pair. Theirs is a relationship that won’t be broken by time or difficulty or worldly concerns. Actually, seeing them together, it makes one happy to know them because they illuminate what can be good and peaceful and fun about a relationship.

If you spent a lifetime studying the best couples throughout history you wouldn’t be able to find the perfect formula for a lasting, loving relationship. Too many uncontrolled factors are at play, from money to personality to the subconscious to the environment to creative energy to the last time your mother said ‘I love you.’ And even more confusingly, those uncontrolled factors change over time within any one relationship.

We just don’t know what makes it work! But when we see it, we know it. Spencer and Kristen got it, and all of their friends and family will gather this Saturday to witness them making a lifelong commitment to each other. I couldn’t be happier for them. Congratulations, you two!

Plus, we’ll get cake.

Swelling the population of Jena, LA

Today is my birthday and the best gift I could have received is seeing people stand up for the Jena 6 in massive numbers.

Currently watching the CNN Special Investigation on the Jena 6 and I’m amazed that people don’t understand that you may think there is no racism, and you may think that things are peachy, but if you’re white, that opinion doesn’t mean much. Don’t read too much into that statement. What I’m saying is that hearing the whites in town say there’s no racism in town is like hearing a convict say that they’re innocent. The people that have been oppressed in Jena, have lived under that oppression for decades. The whites in Jena of course think there is no problem and of course the blacks think they’re awash in problems.

My questions: Where is the Governor or Attorney General in all this? How about the President? One woman says the town needs to learn the lessons of the past – in the year 2007, that they haven’t learned these lessons, is a testament to what’s wrong in this town.

My thanks to everyone that went there. I wish I could be with you.

A Jena 6 Update

So tomorrow there’s a march in Jena, Louisiana. I’m very glad that those that are attending, aren’t “staying the hell home”. I wish I could be with them because what’s going on in Jena is true racism. So many people play the race card when it isn’t warranted. Not to say, that there aren’t varying degrees of racism, but what these young men are putting up with, is far more than I’ve seen in my 39 years. It’s been over a century since slavery ended, but the vestiges of it are live and kicking in the south.

Tomorrow night on CNN they’ll be running a special report Special Investigations Unit: Judgment in Jena. I’m glad CNN has been so big in getting the word out. I’m thankful it has kicked Hollywood starlets out of the limelight.

Bjork – Oh So Quiet

The Feist video for 1234 reminded me so much of Spike Jonze video for Bjork’s It’s Oh So Quiet that I decided to look it up and watch again. You’ve got to love YouTube and a high-speed connection.

Anyway – they both have the same vibe – but the Bjork video is more balls out in it’s homage to 60’s musicals. I know people don’t like her voice, but I always have. Here’s the video:

Björk - Post - It's Oh So Quiet

Just a thought

It’s interesting the difference in uproar between the Jena six story and the Michael Vick case.

Just saying.

It’s not over yet. As long as one of those young men is still in jail or about to stand trial – then it’s not over. A Jena, Louisiana school board member by the name of Billy Fowler said “Outsiders need to stay away.” Well that’s how Jena was allowed to remain entrenched in 1950 – because outsiders stayed away. Now they have the audacity to demand that we allow their racist ways to go on unchecked – I say we need to be just as audacious as they are. People often ridicule Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, but look what remains in this world.

Don’t let the leaders in Jena off the hook and don’t forget the Jena six.

Nice post on the Huffington Post

Interested in donating? Read the following article Chicago Sun Times that lists the following address for donations:

Jena 6 Defense Fund
P.O. Box 2798
Jena, La. 71342.