Fantasy football free

For the first time in 1o years I will not be sitting in a conference room sometime in August drinking beer with the guys and proudly calling “Reggie Bush” with my first pick.   No pizza and beer and “When is Ravens bye week?”.     The good ole ACFL (that would be Automated Catalogue Football League) has bitten the dust.

Moment of silence please.

Over the years the guys have gotten married, had children, moved to different states and we’ve been able to make it through; but not this year.   The last few years it was a struggle to get guys involved, so the death is probably overdue – but I can’t help feel some sorrow.   Something tells me that come mid-October I will go to check my scores, and fire off some trash talk to the Turf Toe Dummies only to realize it’s all over.

It’s been a great run guys.

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