2 years and counting

Two years later.

New Orleans is still in ruin.

They’ve got football but no levees.

The most powerful man in the world, the President of the United States hasn’t done anything to help.

We should be ashamed.

6 thoughts on “2 years and counting

  1. Our government should be ashamed. And not just Bush and his cronies. I mean the senators and congressmen. The people I have written to over the years, who have never taken action to impeach this man, to rebuke him, to take the side of the poor and middle class, to send real help to the Gulf and NOLA instead of setting up sweetheart deals for their friends in the casino and land development industries. The new Democratic “power” in Congress didn’t even have the balls to stand their ground on the war when they could have made an impact. If they can’t stand up to him or fight for real citizens, who can?

    I did what I was taught to do in civics. And nothing happened.

    What’s even the point of having a democracy when really only high level donors get representation? Jesus – Dubya, his party, and even his lackluster opponents are making me consider the virtues of anarchy.

  2. I was just thinking of this very early this morning — before I read this post btw — when I inexplicably woke up with a start and couldn’t go back to sleep…mind-boggled that our citizens could be treated this way — if this could happen to the people of New Orleans…then any feelings of safety and protection – the government as savior – are just an illusion for *all* of us (aside from the privileged and connected)…and then I drifted back to sleep, with reality fading into a nightmare dreamscape.

    Um – guess I didn’t end up with enough sleep total to make sense here. I know what I mean anyway.

    So – what you guys said – yes.

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