Going to try again

I’ve been in a dour mood for the past month, so last night I decided to just be in a better mood.   I get married in a little over a month, no need for real life to bring me down.

So how did the first day of the new me start?

Ate a banana that didn’t agree with me so I missed the train while throwing up at the train station.   I tried to run and catch the train, dropped my brief case with all my stuff falling out.   I had decided the stop well before getting to the crosswalk, but the conductor still laid on the warning siren as I picked my crap up.

The day did get better from there.   Tomorrow will be even better.

2 thoughts on “Going to try again

  1. Yikes! And yikes!

    I tripped getting off a KIDDY ride at Dorney Park last week — and it was a real face-almost-hitting-the-ground pratfall in front of a huge line of waiting patrons (with audible gasps from the crowd, folks) so I can relate.

    All your stuff spilling out of briefcase has got to be the worst feeling (not that vomitting in a train station is great, but at least hopefully that was done in semi-privacy.)

    No place left to go but up, though.

  2. I think the gut retching was worse. At least I was able to get away from the commuters before throwing up. Honestly I think what gets me is that I missed a half-hour of sleep for the experience.

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