As I sat on the train today reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I felt embarrassed. No, not because I was reading what many refer to as a “child’s” book, but because I’m sure my fellow riders would be thinking “He’s been reading that book for 4 weeks now!”. For all of you non-readers, you may think it’s silly, but the readers know who else is reading. We read the book feverishly and unabashedly; except for this time. I did not want this book to end the closer I got to the end, and as it drew to a close, through my enjoyment I felt a little sad. At 38 years of age, I have never read a series of books until now. Never become so familiar with characters on the page, as I had become with these characters.

The book is a great read. It gives the proper weight to the seriousness of the proceedings this time around.

So now that I have finished, I can now return from my self-imposed blog reading exile. Back to reading the blogs of Cyn, Merujo, and Susan. Hell, I haven’t even read my fiancé’s blog.

I hope my fellow bloggers welcome me back.

7 thoughts on “Finally

  1. My daughter finished last week (um, not implicating that an 11-year-old reads faster than you — after all, she has no job, at least none that I know of.) But it was the same thing, I think, as you (not wanting it to end)…she read like crazy at first, and then put it aside for a while…dragged it out.

    When she was done, she basically revealed the ending, even as I was screaming, “Don’t tell me the end! Don’t tell me the end!” She didn’t reveal it outright, just generalizations – but pretty specific generalizations, if that makes sense. At least the media has been very good thus far at not hinting too much about the resolution.

    So, still mostly a mystery to me (and shall remain so until the film, if I can manage that.) I do this very-Cyn thing (so idiosyncratic that I’ve got my own trademarked set of peculiarities!) of reading the first half of the books, watching the film & then going back and reading the rest of the book. The books have so much more flesh on them than a film can allow.

    Which means I’m still on Half-blood Prince (although some evil newspaper writer spoiled the ending without warning – ironically in an article about potential Deadly Hallows spoilers. Grrrr.)

    I basically never read fiction…so just the fact that I have read these books at all is saying something.

  2. It took me awhile to read it bc I never had more than 15 minutes at a time to devote to it. One day I just said, “ok, I’m going to finish!” it’s sooo goood.

  3. Honestly at the beginning, I haven’t had much time to read everything with work and the wedding, but as I got closer I had to put the time in. The middle is kind of slow and kind of allows you to slow down and savor, but once you get to the end, it’s hard to put down.

  4. Howard – I left you out in my roll call there although I think I might have peaked at your site once or twice in the past few weeks.

  5. That post is coming tomorrow morning. I have all this writing just aching to get out :) (South Park fans might get that line).

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