My cone of silence

Theoretically I will be receiving my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on Saturday at which point I will not be reading blogs or news stories until I finish. Of course this might take some time, but it’s a necessary evil since it seems as if the whole world is out to spoil it for me.

6 thoughts on “My cone of silence

  1. Arrrrrg! I have to work all weekend. My only respite will be the 11:30 p.m. Buffy sing-a-long on Saturday night. Harry will have to wait a week. Alas, alas, alas!

  2. I was thoughtless enough to order a copy online(theoretically for my daughter) and it won’t be shipped until tomorrow.

    So, I’ll probably have to avoid speaking to all humans outside my own family for at least a week. (An excuse to be anti-social – yay!) Hopefully, no helpful fellow camper will tell my daughters the ending either.

    But I have this weird thing anyway where I don’t read the entire Potter book until I see the movie. And then I go back and finish the book. So…maybe I get the excuse to be anti-social for several years (yay!)

    I wonder how the media will handle not spoiling things…like how much of a grace period will they allow before they either discuss the ending opening, or give enough hints that anyone with a functioning brain will be able to figure it out.

  3. for tv, i’m a bit of a spoiler whore. but when it comes to books, i don’t want to know. a book takes so much more investment than an hourlong show. and while i don’t think it ruins the complete experience to know the ending, it certainly ruins that element of surprise.

    i saw some lunatic book reviewer on keith olbermann’s show last night discussing the review she published wednesday or thursday. she got the book from a source who had it shipped early from one of those discounters scholastic is suing. she was talking about how yeah, she gives some stuff away, but “if you think you know the whole ending from my review, you are wrong.”

    the whole time i watched it i kept thinking how sad it is that people can’t leave well enough alone. that our info-saturated society will not give people the time it takes to read the book on their own. this woman talked about how newsworthy it was, and that’s why they decided to do it.

    i haven’t read the books yet, but when the hype dies down, i plan to. spoiled or not, i’m always curious to experience the journey.

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    I was going to put this in the 10K losses post but it was bumped down already.

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