Friday music stuff: Alternative Radio Philly, Best of 2007

Looks like alternative radio has finally returned to Philadelphia.   Radio 104.5 is playing what they call adult alternative. For those that have been here a few years, it’s a watered down Y100 (which was a watered down WDRE).   Anyway it’s nice that there is someone that will play bands like Interpol and Killers here in the city.   That said, they seem to only play the hits.   Yes they might play Talking Heads and Flaming Lips –   but it’s the songs you already know and that’s cool, but my iPod already does that.   I want to hear something a little different.   It’s early yet, and I’ll be listening to see if they gain a bit more electiveness – but right now they rate a C+.   Listen and tell me what you think (you can listen online)

On to the best CDs I’ve heard this year. I’ll do this in multiple parts. I have quite a few more to add to this list.

Best CDs of 2007

More CDs from this year later.   Tell me your favorites.

9 thoughts on “Friday music stuff: Alternative Radio Philly, Best of 2007

  1. i’ve been listening to the station in the car and at work a lot, and they do play some newer stuff that hasn’t made it to “hit” status. i’ve rarely had to change the channel, which is not something i can say about, oh, any other station on my memory list. it’s not perfect, but i’m not looking for that. i just want to be entertained.

    if the station that has whoopi goldberg on in the morning is the revival of my junior high and high school dance-heavy music mix, then this one covers my college years and beyond.

    also: amy winehouse is tops for me this year. love love love it.

  2. Kristen – I’ve yet to hear much I haven’t heard before, but it’s still a welcome addition to the airwaves.

    Grace – I wrote the music recommendations a while ago – before listening to Wilco – I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite Wilco CD (the 3 consecutive CDs Being There, Summerteeth, and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot are the high point of their career so far), but it’s growing on me.

  3. Howard – which 5? Here’s my guess:
    Michael Penn
    The Apples in Stereo
    Amy Winehouse
    Andrew Bird
    Jarvis Cocker

    How’d I do?

  4. I heard Jarvis Cocker on Fresh Air today. It was good. If you missed it, it’s online at the NPR website for free.

  5. I read about K-Rock and 104.5 last month in Rolling Stone. I figured you picked up on it too.

    I’m listening to it but I’m already tired of the playlist. It way to heavy on Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains.

    Not that it’s a bad thing but their is soooo much more great music to play.

    When I can catch it I’m way more in to Y-Rock on XPN. It’s the evolution of WDRE, one of the last great Philadelphia radio stations.

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