I don’t watch Fox News – I’m Democrat

Just came back from a business trip and while on this business trip I noticed something, some Republicans must be ashamed of calling themselves that, not that I can blame them.   So what do they do?   They use code.     “I don’t watch CNN.   I watch Fox News.”   I’ve heard it more than a few times.   Now I’m not a CNN junkie – fricking Nancy Grace for Christ’s sake – and great breaking news headlines like “Pregnant woman was excited to have baby”, but I don’t watch Fox News and I won’t use code:

Yes I’m a Democrat and I’m not afraid to say so.

5 thoughts on “I don’t watch Fox News – I’m Democrat

  1. if you watch foxs news in the morning they will tell you one story then when it comes time in the evening everyone will tell you different they need to get there lies together before they go on air

  2. GOD help us all if the republicans take over the govrnment! judgmental pricka is all they are. kiss social security BYE BYE.

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