Sopranos mixed with some Lost

So I watched the final episode of the Sopranos and being that I didn’t watch the Sopranos during its run, I think I offer a different perspective. I don’t think the show needed to end with closure. Why can’t it just go on? Honestly I think people have grown lazy and want someone to tell them how the story ends. That’s not the way it works. Sometime the movie, the book, the TV show ends when the story being told is done.

That said…a show like Lost or Heroes, serialized dramas, deserve a definite end answering all the questions that have been posed along the way. The fans of those shows, and other shows like them, deserve that. So it comes with great pleasure that the producers of Lost agree. They have said there won’t be any fade to black, and that the final 48 episodes will be about answering the questions they’ve asked during the first three seasons. Thank god.

I think most of Lost fans have put a lot of faith in the hands of the Lost brain trust and judging by their comments, that trust is well placed.

2 thoughts on “Sopranos mixed with some Lost

  1. You’re right. Some shows don’t need everything tied up in a little bow to end. It would be weird. What I hate is when a show gets cancelled before a finale can be shown-that’s just not fair!

  2. Word. The way Veronica Mars ended this year was horrible – and the producers had to know it was getting canceled. Networks are so easy to pull the plug that it’s hard to get involved in a show.

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