Paris Hilton no longer to “act” dumb

From the interview Paris Hilton gave Barbara Walters:

“I used to act dumb. … That act is no longer cute,” ABC quoted Hilton as saying.

I knew this dumb thing was just an act. She has the pedigree of a future President.

Hilton went on to discuss her plans to apply to Harvard Medical School by saying – “I think I will try and act smart… just as long as someone doesn’t ask me to do something smart.”

On a side note, frequent reader and my best “man” Grace is going away for the next week to France, meaning that I’ll lose 25% of my readership over the next week. Have fun.

10 thoughts on “Paris Hilton no longer to “act” dumb

  1. Dear France,
    Please be nice to me. Even if I do not know more than three words of French (all food related). I admire you and hope you understand that I love wine, bakery goods, cream sauces and I voted for John Kerry.

    Thank you.

  2. I understand the dumb act. Most women think that men find cute and silly much sexier.

    I think Barbara Walters ingratiates herself in “friendships” to get interview dirt.

  3. Though I can’t bring myself to comment on the waste of carbon that is Paris Hilton (med school? what???), I just had to write in to prove that Spencer does, indeed, have at least 4 readers. :)

    Bon voyage, Grace.

  4. I’ll have to fess up to “acting dumb” in a previous gig (um, yes, it *was* an act)…actually thinking of it as being a role I was playing in a particular group dynamic. (Yes, intellectualizing the act of playing stupid. So very me.)

    In my case, it was meant to come across with a wink and a nod — although I’m more than willing to admit it probably didn’t play out that way.

    So when I heard this Paris quote, I actually gave her a few milliseconds of reasonable doubt. Could her whole persona be a very skilled portrayal of shallow stupidity presented for our amusement?


    Reader #5

  5. It may be worse that this has turned into a roll call of my readers.

    Jess – it depends on what kind of man. Anyway there’s a difference between cute and sexy, and dumb.

  6. i guess I HAVE to chime in if this is a roll call…

    If only to agree with Spencer that there’s a major difference. Cute-and-silly-on-purpose with an underlying intelligence and class can be very sexy. Just plain dumb and obnoxious is not.

  7. Roll call – suze reporting!

    I’m sure Paris is smarter than she acts, but I’m not as sure she’s smart enough for med school…

    I’m just sayin’…

  8. I’m wondering if the term “smarter than she acts” isn’t an oxymoron.

    From Vonnegut’s Mother Night:
    you must be careful what you pretend to be because in the end you are who you’re pretending to be

    Wow – I just invoked Vonnegut in talking about Paris Hilton. He’s got to be smiling right now.

  9. Spencer, you said EXACTLY what I wanted to say. At what point do you become what you allow everyone to perceive that you are? Especially if perception is reality. And maybe Paris Hilton was born with the genetic potential for smarts, but through vigorous environmental controls she and her mother have managed to allow nurture to prevail.

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