Going postal: Baseball style

Judging by the deafening silence any of my sports related posts get, I’m going to assume that most of my readers don’t watch SportsCenter (although the following is getting play beyond the normal sports channels). Anyway, if you haven’t seen – trust me it’s worth the watch.

The argument is long been part of the game, but this takes the cake. If you’re Atlanta management, don’t you ask for a drug test? BTW – the manager has been suspended by the Braves for 3 games.

2 thoughts on “Going postal: Baseball style

  1. I believe some sort of counseling is in order. Immediately.

    Especially liked the low-crawling (or whatever the correct description is for that slithering-on-the-ground motion.)

    Also, wanted to alert you to the fact that the comment thingie (technical term) isn’t there on your previous/interview post. At least it’s not working for me.

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