Mika Brzezinski refuses to talk about Paris Hilton

Mika Brzezinski is a journalist for MSNBC that refused to talk about Paris Hilton. She ripped up the first Hilton article given to her by her producer, then tried the burn the next, and then finally shredded the last copy sent to her.

Hilarious. She’s my journalistic idol (that is until I find out she’s a devotee of Nancy Grace or something like that)

Sell me the shirt off your back

I’ve noticed how few and far between men’s clothing stores have become.   While women have floors upon floors and stores upon stores to choose from, men’s clothing is relegated to the back corners and it can be hard to find even simple items. Case in point, French cuff shirts.   If you’re not familiar, French cuffs require a cuff link and I’ve been everywhere, and have not been able to find much of a choice.   What’s particularly vexing is that every department store carries piles of cuff links as gifts.

Exactly what purpose does a cuff link serve without the French cuff shirt?

Stores such as Old Navy shrink their men’s sections with every season.   My local Old Navy used to have a men’s section that stretched the length of the store.   They shortened it to add a plus women’s section a few years back.   The shortened again to increase the size of the rest of the women’s section.   Next week they’ll likely shorten it to a guy out back by the dumpster. Macy’s in Center City Philadelphia has women’s clothing on all but one of it’s 5 or so floors.   The men’s section?   Half of the first floor.   The other half?   Women’s handbags, cosmetics, and jewelery.   Too bad they couldn’t find any room for housewares.

I know a lot of men don’t care, but I think part of the reason is that retailers simply would rather sell women’s clothing.   Yes women spend more on clothing than men do – but when you’re relegated to Target, what choice do you have?

Friday music stuff: Alternative Radio Philly, Best of 2007

Looks like alternative radio has finally returned to Philadelphia.   Radio 104.5 is playing what they call adult alternative. For those that have been here a few years, it’s a watered down Y100 (which was a watered down WDRE).   Anyway it’s nice that there is someone that will play bands like Interpol and Killers here in the city.   That said, they seem to only play the hits.   Yes they might play Talking Heads and Flaming Lips –   but it’s the songs you already know and that’s cool, but my iPod already does that.   I want to hear something a little different.   It’s early yet, and I’ll be listening to see if they gain a bit more electiveness – but right now they rate a C+.   Listen and tell me what you think (you can listen online)

On to the best CDs I’ve heard this year. I’ll do this in multiple parts. I have quite a few more to add to this list.

Best CDs of 2007

More CDs from this year later.   Tell me your favorites.

I don’t watch Fox News – I’m Democrat

Just came back from a business trip and while on this business trip I noticed something, some Republicans must be ashamed of calling themselves that, not that I can blame them.   So what do they do?   They use code.     “I don’t watch CNN.   I watch Fox News.”   I’ve heard it more than a few times.   Now I’m not a CNN junkie – fricking Nancy Grace for Christ’s sake – and great breaking news headlines like “Pregnant woman was excited to have baby”, but I don’t watch Fox News and I won’t use code:

Yes I’m a Democrat and I’m not afraid to say so.

Google 411

I love Google.   Every day there is something new from them, and chances are, they’ll do it better.   The old rule of taking something and improving it by 10%.   Yahoo! was firs in search, Google took it and did it better.   There are many RSS readers, but I really like Google Reader.   (I don’t love Gmail, but they’re allowed one pass).

Anyway,   if you keep your eyes on the Google Labs – that’s where you’ll find a lot of the things they’re testing.   One such thing is Google’s Voice Local Search or as we all know it, directory assistance.   Call the Google 411 number 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411), tell the system what you’re looking for, and it will either dial the selected number or offer you other listings.   And it works pretty well.

So what’s the big deal?   It’s free.     My directory assistance on my mobile phone costs about 99 cents per call.   This, you can use all the time and get charged nothing more than your airtime charges.

Try it out.

Sopranos mixed with some Lost

So I watched the final episode of the Sopranos and being that I didn’t watch the Sopranos during its run, I think I offer a different perspective. I don’t think the show needed to end with closure. Why can’t it just go on? Honestly I think people have grown lazy and want someone to tell them how the story ends. That’s not the way it works. Sometime the movie, the book, the TV show ends when the story being told is done.

That said…a show like Lost or Heroes, serialized dramas, deserve a definite end answering all the questions that have been posed along the way. The fans of those shows, and other shows like them, deserve that. So it comes with great pleasure that the producers of Lost agree. They have said there won’t be any fade to black, and that the final 48 episodes will be about answering the questions they’ve asked during the first three seasons. Thank god.

I think most of Lost fans have put a lot of faith in the hands of the Lost brain trust and judging by their comments, that trust is well placed.

Paris Hilton no longer to “act” dumb

From the interview Paris Hilton gave Barbara Walters:

“I used to act dumb. … That act is no longer cute,” ABC quoted Hilton as saying.

I knew this dumb thing was just an act. She has the pedigree of a future President.

Hilton went on to discuss her plans to apply to Harvard Medical School by saying – “I think I will try and act smart… just as long as someone doesn’t ask me to do something smart.”

On a side note, frequent reader and my best “man” Grace is going away for the next week to France, meaning that I’ll lose 25% of my readership over the next week. Have fun.