Movie talkers beware

hughes-215493385-1180488977_thumb.jpgRegal entertainment is releasing a remote control to it’s frequent movie watchers that would allow someone to alert theater management of rude patrons (read idiot teens on their cell phones).

It’s a shame that we even need devices like this, but I advocate even more agressive means.   How about wiring everyone’s chair with a noise detector and electrical wiring?   Go over a certain amount of decibels and get a shock to the nether region.

Just a thought.

7 thoughts on “Movie talkers beware

  1. Thanks for the laugh! Although it did occur to me that (depending on the voltage) they might actually *like* that shock…

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    I advocate the matinee — usually nearly deserted, and (if you’re like me and live in a fantasy world) you can pretend you’re at a private screening.

  2. About two weeks ago I saw Spiderman at a local Regal and the guy behind me was snoring! It was a late show, and apparently he had seen it before, but doesn’t his friend wake him up?

  3. SWEET! I so want one and I have a Regal card and everything. I deserve one!

    Of course, I’ve started to go early on Sunday mornings to movies to avoid this kind of stuff.

  4. I’m with Cindy and Howard – early shows are the way to go! James and I have a tradition called “Crepes and Apes” – it stems from the first time we went to a Sunday morning movie (“Planet of the Apes”) after a stop at IHOP. Sunday morning audiences are a likeminded group. :) And I’ve got a Regal card, too – gimme a remote! I’m ready!! (I have to go back and see if I wrote an entry in my blog about the lesbians having sex in the Geo’town theater during a matinee of a Harry Potter flick I went to see. That was a helluva thing…)

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  6. Something I’ve noticed that seems to be a side effect of public cell phone chatting is that people are starting to think the pretend divider between us all is real. For instance, when I’m in a public area and a person is talking on their cell phone, I don’t turn my head or react at all–there’s a pretend wall between us. But, really, I CAN hear what they’re saying. Really, I can.

    Why am I struggling to be polite and help them by creating a pretend wall? Especially since now people believe the wall is surrounding them at all times, and they use it as an excuse to stay uninvolved in everyone else around them. The other day, I was out for run and was safely crossing the street, which is my right as a pedestrian. However, a woman in a large Cadillac that wanted to turn on that same street hollered at me, “F*$king bitch!” In shock and a little amused, I turned to the couple standing less than three feet from me so we could exchange the old “Ha! What a lunatic!” eye contact the situation deserved, but they were coldly staring in the other direction and practically breaking their necks to do so. I was thinking, “Oh, I forgot there’s an invisible wall around us all. It must have evolved over the past 12 years, and is amazingly sound-proof!” No need to take notice or take care of each other anymore…

    From now on, I’m staring at people talking on their cells, and laughing along with their jokes, and when they hang up I’m asking about why they skipped class, or drank too much last night. I feel like they’ve invited me in to their conversations, isn’t it rude to refuse the invitation?


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