Lost is no longer lost

Last night’s episode of Lost was simply their best episode since the show launched 3 years ago. The final 16 episodes were remarkable if only for the marked improvement when compared to the first 6 episodes of the season. No more can fans complain about not knowing enough – last night delivered.

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched, then don’t read further. Of course, why haven’t you watched yet?

At the beach
How awesome was Hurley saving the day? Then Sayid killing the Other with his feet. Finally the coup de grace, Sawyer killing Tom who said he was surrendering, when Hurley asked why he did it, Sawyer responds “Because I didn’t believe him.”

Jack’s Flashback
Or shall I say, flash forward? Jack flashbacks are always my least favorite of the bunch. This may have been my favorite flash back (forward). Of course if you watched the episode, you know that last night offered a peak into the future after they get back from the island. A number of questions:

  1. Is Jack’s father alive or was it the raving of a drunk?
  2. There were a couple of tells that we were watching a vision of the future: the name of the funeral parlor was Hoffs/Drawler – an anagram for “flash forward”. Also Jack was using a Motorola Razor, which was introduced after the crash.
  3. Jack mentioned using a golden ticket from Oceanic – but on the Oceanic-air.com website, Oceanic went out of business. This website is run by the producers of the show, and I’m believing it to be accurate.
  4. Who died? There are many theories. The ones that make the most sense to me are it either being Locke or Ben. Someone took a screen shot of the obituary and here’s the text: LOS ANGELES Man found d(eceased/ead)
    downtown loft
    The body of J— -antham of
    New York was found shortly after 4
    a.m. in the — of Grand
    The — a de— man at The
    Tower — — heard loud
    noises — — m’s loft.
    Co ——— uncovered the
    — the from a beam in the
    — bedroom
  5. Who was Kate returning back to?

Under water
Charlie died a hero’s death and I’ll be sad to see him gone. Why in the world didn’t Desmond shoot Mikhail in the head? Nothing will kill this man – is this important?

A couple of things I’m thinking:

  • The person in the casket may not be someone that is currently hated or even known to us. We have no idea what has transpired since they got off the island and therefore Kate not wanting to go to the funeral may not be as enlightening as it seems.
  • I think that what we saw in Jack’s flash forward may or may not happen depending on what happens from here on out.
  • I think there’s an alternate time frame thing going on. That when the plane crashed, the “survivors” didn’t actually survive – but they’re not actually dead. Somehow they are able to re-enter a world that they don’t belong in and what we saw Jack responding to is what he’s seen as the impact of their returning.

The worst part of this is that we won’t get our next 16 episodes until February 2008. That’s a long wait man.

Please share your theories

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  1. This was a brilliant episode. Just brilliant. The Sasquatch found some spot online that suggests the woman in the car accident is Juliet’s sister, and, therefore, the kiddo is the one Juliet helped her conceive.

    Soooo many questions. Such a long wait until February!

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