Season end: 24

Well thank god 24 ended last night.   This season was the worst fall from grace any show has suffered and last night’s two hour episode was a microcosm of the season.   Plot lines that make no sense or that we simply don’t care about.   Really, do you care that Milo loved Nadia or that Chloe and Morris having devil spawn?

Anyway, I’ve already talked about how bad 24 was this season, and got some grief for it.   Looks like I’m not the only one that thinks this way.   The review from Salon slammed 24 and even the President of Fox Entertainment isn’t happy and promised changes.   I think I’ve been pretty constructive with my criticism and anticipate a return to form next year.   I’m a pretty forgiving and loyal viewer – I still watch ER for crise sake.   All the producers of 24 have to do is to remember these five words”

It’s All About Jack!

To add salt to 24’s wounds, Heroes ended a fantastic season.   A season in which it kicked 24’s ass creatively and in the ratings.   Loved the ending – I’m glad Skylar isn’t dead.   Actually I don’t think anyone died – but we’ll see next year.   I am so glad this television season is almost over.

3 thoughts on “Season end: 24

  1. Heroes. Kicked. Ass. I loved the ending. Awesome, awesome set-up for next season.

    Looking forward to the season finale of Lost tomorrow. Man, that better be good…

  2. My Esteemed Husband and I were debating which of us would comment here, and it looks like I won (being the one more prone to goofing off online, I guess.)

    While I agree the show took a serious downturn, I still enjoyed watching it, at least to a point. But there certainly was an awful lot of heckling-the-screen going on while watching. (And me falling asleep during yet-another gun battle where Jack is the only one who can shoot straight.)

    It seemed like the writers were just winging it as they went along — like there was no real cohesive story arc from season start to finish.

    I mean, you start out with a nuclear bomb detonating and everything afterwards seems anti-climatic. Who cares about Chinese getting Russian secrets? (Well, okay, I guess a war with Russia = a bad thing…) Not that I really liked the terrorist story lines over and over again either…but something in between.

    So much implausible stuff…story lines started and left dangling…well, you know, you where there too.

    I did think that the guy who played Morris was great and brought a lot to the part (But god, I called the Chloe pregnancy thing even as I hoped it was far too obvious an explanation…)

    And I actually liked the ambiguous non-ending of the show with Jack just staring out into the distance(instead of another Jack-in-peril cliffhanger.)

    But that whole Audrey-catatonic thing? Somebody pull the plug on her before next season, please.

  3. Cyn – I agree with you. I think that this year 24 started to feel like a guilty pleasure for me: I watched and enjoyed even though it wasn’t very good. I’m really hopeful that next year will be a reset for them and they go in an entirely different direction. This show allows for that since every day is a new day.

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