Hope in the form of Michael Nutter

Last night in Philadelphia, Michael Nutter won the mayoral democratic primary. In Philadelphia, where Democrats outnumber Republicans 4-1, that means he’ll be the next Mayor.   Michael Nutter isn’t the coolest candidate to grace the stage.   His speeches aren’t happenings like Barak Obama’s are.   But he’s level-headed, smart, and has a record of doing the right thing without regard to politics.   The smoking ban in Philly, his doing; even though it wasn’t popular among restaurant owners.

When he resigned his city council seat last year to run, I thought that he’d be a great mayor, but people won’t realize that.   He always seemed like the “smart kid” that was picked on in school.   The choice of the union of political bosses will win.   This is a city that elected John Street mayor, not once, but twice.

Substance doesn’t matter.

But I was proven wrong.   Given a choice between big talkers, old-politcal bosses, and sexier choices, Philadelphians made the right choice.   I wasn’t hopeful they would.   I don’t think the general public is that smart.   It’s the general public that has given us 6 years of George Bush.   But seeing Michael Nutter win gives me hope that at some point people will say “enough is enough” and demand better legislators.

How about Philly showing voters all over the country how it should be done?

4 thoughts on “Hope in the form of Michael Nutter

  1. If memory serves me correctly, you can’t blame Philadelphians for G.W.!

    I’d be more willing to credit the “general public” for their intelligence in choosing Nutter if I didn’t have sneaking suspicion that the majority were swayed because they thought his daughter was just oh-so-cute in that commercial.

    Regardless, I agree with you that he was the very best choice for a city that really needs some major redirection. The escalation of seemingly indiscriminate violence is heartbreaking…whether any one elected official can reverse this trend – I don’t know – we can only hope Nutter can do something…anything…

  2. I too am still a bit incredulous that Philadelphians made what I feel to be the right choice!

    For years Michael Nutter has represented to me one of the only hopes for an otherwise somewhat-classless City Council — he’s always seemed calm, thoughtful and intelligent while all around him were some council members seeming to exude dumbness and/or rudeness. (I’m sure a lot of these folks actually were or are intelligent, but their accents and attitudes often tend to make them sound otherwise.)

    As a lifelong Philly-area resident, I’ve still never quite recovered from the embarrassment of the days back when there would be screaming and actual freakin’ fisticuffs on the council floor.

    Mr. Nutter has always struck me as the antithesis of that kind of behavior, so again, I’m pleasantly surprised and hopeful!

  3. Cyn – I’m going to give the residents the benefit of the doubt. I think that people are tired of the current situation and reacted appropriately.

    Randy – what’s funny is that the current Mayor is the poster child for street fights in city council. That he was allowed to become mayor is beyond me.

  4. Good stuff, Spence. Before Philly shows the world how things should be, we might need to lower the amount of homicides by about 350 this year. Until then, we are “Murder City USA”.

    It’s a sad truth.

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