Best music of 2007 Random Ten

This random ten is from my iTunes Best of 2007 playlist

  1. Song For Clay (Disappear Here) – Bloc Party – A Weekend in the City*
  2. Call an Ambulance – Albert Hammond – Yours to Keep
  3. Try (Alt. Version) – Michael Penn – Palms and Rune, Tarot and Tea: A Michael Penn Collection
  4. Devastation – The Besnard Lakes – The Besnard Lakes are the Dark Horse
  5. A Comet Appears – The Shins – Wincing the Night Away
  6. Paper Kitten Nighmare – Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s – The Dust of Retreat
  7. And She Would Darken the Memory of Youth -The Twilight Sad – Fourteen Autumns, Fifteen Winters
  8. Methamphetamine – Son Volt – The Search
  9. Flowers – New Ruins – The Sound They Make
  10. Yr. Broom – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Broom

*(Song, Artist, Album name)  

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