I’m a rude bastard

Or maybe I just like my alone time.   Anyway, I take the train to and from work every day.   And every day I listen to my iPod in transit.   I have come to need that time.   A full hour each day without talking.   No work.   No bills.   Just me and my iPod (and sometimes the Metro).   Only problem is that there are days when I run into people I know: co-workers, friends, etc. on the train, and my much loved alone time is stolen from me.   I’ve gone as far as to hide from people I’ve seen on the platform.   It’s no reflection on them; I will get a pang of guilt, and wonder what’s going on in their world, but that guilt is replaced by the wonderful mush I allow my brain to become on that 30 minute ride.

So to anyone I’ve pissed off by putting on my headphones mid conversation, I’m sorry, but you’re intruding on my time.

2 thoughts on “I’m a rude bastard

  1. I am sorry for talking to you Spencer. Next time I see you on the train I will keep my head down and pretend I don’t see you.

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