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If you needed to be reminded how insanely violent this world has become, a wakeup call was provided this past week. The mass murder that took place at Virginia Tech is senseless but not surprising. In Philadelphia as of last Sunday 114 have been murdered, many of them children, many of them by guns. That’s almost four days of Virginia Tech. In Iraq today 170 people were killed by a suicide bomber. That’s almost 6 days of Virginia Tech. This is a violent world we live in.

What’s maddening is the refusal to even address gun laws in this country. The subject was broached on Monday to Shrubya and he dismissed it by saying he supports the 2nd Amendment. Well support of the 4th Amendment hasn’t prevented the Patriot Act. Support of 6th Amendment hasn’t prevented military tribunals in Guantanamo; so why can’t corrections to the 2nd Amendment be discussed? I’m not saying that gun control is the only idea or even the right one. I for one believe that the increase in violence has more to do with the utter lack of disregard people have for their neighbors; guns only provide the opportunity for people to act on that disregard. But there’s got to be some middle ground. But why can’t we even discuss the middle ground? Why is any restriction regarded by the NRA as entirely untenable? Doesn’t the government already police us? I can’t watch nudity and excessive violence on TV no matter what the 1st Amendment says. God forbid a nipple shows up. Then all sorts of hell breaks out and every politician will be introducing a bill to protect our “children”. How about speaking up now and protecting our children against a hail of bullets while trying to learn?

Don’t believe that the tragedy in Blacksburg is any different than what is happening in the streets of our large cities. The only difference is that these mothers and fathers have a lot more company in crying over their dead children. It’s just a shame that these children are dying and we won’t do anything out of regard for some words on a piece of centuries old paper.

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  1. Bravo. The whole thing is so insane. And I’d say 75% of what I’ve read about the VT incident has focused on “well, if somebody at VT had been armed, they could have stopped this.” Are we seriously moving towards (or already living in) a society where everybody’s packing? As much as I love my country, I’m starting to think I should be raising my children in Canada (or some other less-armed nation).

  2. Thanks for coming by Jeff.

    When I first bought a cell phone 10 years ago like so many other people, it was only in the case of emergency. You know if the car broke down, was going to be late, etc. As you drive around, notice how many “emergencies” are taking place as people drive. Guns would be the same way. Sure you’d have it in case of emergency, but the next time someone pisses you off in traffic – there’s your trusty Uzi to handle the situation.

  3. I don’t know, Spencer. I think you are overstating the case a little. And that’s coming from a liberal, non-gun owner who’s never even had a family member that owned a gun. It’s not that every housewife and office manager will be taking care of road rage with an Uzi–that’s kinda silly. The scarier potential is that the shaky-handed housewife or office manager–untrained and uncertain–will have possession of a deadly weapon that’s easy for a real criminal to get their hands on. Or maybe worse–their own innocent children.

    From a more philosophical perspective, I just feel that a civilized society needs to have civilized goals. You can’t be a great nation without a few things–great art, great schools, accessible healthcare, innovative leadership, responsible citizens and civilized debate. There are certain behaviors that are too reminiscent of animals or barbarians, and do not have a place in a civilized human culture. Settling debate with violence is one of them.

    In college, I had an anthropology professor that was teaching us that in primate culture, they will go to battle with one another for baring their teeth. And he had a student comment on how aggressive animals can be, to which the professor said, “Really? Men go to war over less.” So maybe I’m completely wrong–maybe it’s just part of our nature as humans to want to settle things with blood. Who the hell knows? But shouldn’t we be evolving away from those practices, if we hope to survive as a species?

    I guess I’m starting to sound too much like an episode of Star Trek.

  4. I was overstating things a little, but in reading some of the comments I’ve heard from kids in Philly, they get guns for protection and the fights that used to be fist fights when I were a kid, are now gun fights.

    I agree with you – and if you go back to the original post, I don’t know that getting rid of guns would solve things because we seem to be inherently violent.

  5. “Why is any restriction regarded by the NRA as entirely untenable? Doesn’t the government already police us?”–The government has no right nor responsibility to police us, the free, adult citizens of the United States. They are supposed to protect us, but they do a fairly poor job of that since they spend so much time harassing people for having long hair (yes, still), for being the wrong color, etcetera. Do you really believe that the police, with their average education level of eighth grade and their brainwashed, bigoted and just plain asinine mentalities exist to protect you? Taking arms away from law abiding Americans is an “untenable” idea because we live in an increasingly fascist society and we may have to do more than just talk in order to correct that, just as the original Americans did against an overly controlling and unfair government.

    “It’s just a shame that these children are dying and we won’t do anything out of regard for some words on a piece of centuries old paper.”–First of all, it is these poor, poor children who pose the greatest threat to each other and to every other citizen. Do you really believe that the police will be there when one of these “innocent” children decides to shoot you to impress their equally ignorant friends? Secondly, words on a piece of centuries old paper? Please. The people who participated in the writing of that document were ages ahead of their time in terms of intelligence and forethought. It isn’t respect for mere words, it is respect for ideas and ideals which our current, elitist political system cannot even fathom. I am ashamed to be part of this Idiocracy in which basic freedoms are taken for granted so much that you would even utter such a clearly mindless statement. Wake up before it’s too late–if it isn’t already too late.

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