Getting my ass off the couch: exercise and dieting

For the first time in ages, I went to my gym. There is nothing that makes you feel quite as guilty as paying for a monthly gym membership and never going. I remember once after a long absence from the gym, I walked in, scanned my ID, and the receptionist said “Welcome back!”. I slunk to a treadmill and wasn’t seen at the gym for months afterwards.

Anyway – I’ve made it a goal of mine to lose significant weight. So far by just dieting I’ve lost near 20 pounds; but I realized after walking up a flight of stairs last week I needed to do more. So anyone that sees me and notices I’ve lost a couple of pounds says to me “so you’re on the wedding diet”.

I’m as vain as the average person – but I want to make public declaration: while I would like to look my best on my wedding day, it’s not the true reason I’m doing this. About a month ago I had to interview some seniors about their hip and knee problems for my job; there is nothing more sobering about your own health than talking to old people, especially ones not related to you. (Through years of practice, I can hold a 15 minute conversation with my mom without actually knowing what she’s talking about). Add to this that both my parents are diabetic and it makes me realize that I can’t continue on this path. So while vanity plays into it – it’s definitely not the only reason.

On another note: if a friend tells you they’re dieting, and you don’t like whatever diet they’re on – SHUT UP! If you’re overweight, then it takes more than just walking, there needs to be a modification in behavior that includes how you eat. I am doing the Atkins diet and if you tell some people this, they smirk and say stuff like “that’s not good for you” or “you shouldn’t diet” and such. I’m an intelligent person and understand the pros and cons and feel that this is the diet that best fits me; The hardest thing about dieting, is remaining committed. you’re telling me my diet sucks doesn’t help matters. (The funny thing about Atkins is that I’m eating more healthy than I was prior to it. More fish, more vegetables, less sweets and sandwiches.)

Anyway – if you don’t like your friend’s diet – shut up and deal with it. Anything else is sabotage.

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