How Baseball cares for it’s fans

Major League Baseball has decided to offer their Extra Innings package exclusively to Direct TV subscribers.   (Extra Innings allows a subscriber to watch every baseball game being played except for games in their local area).   The exclusivity is because Direct TV has offered to pay the MLB $700 million over the next seven years and MLB is trying to hold cable hostage for money.   Unless the cable networks agree to match the offer – then cable viewers across the country won’t be able to subscribe to Extra Innings.

In this age of de-regulation, corporate media providers (yes that’s what the sports leagues are) don’t feel any committment to th fans that have supported them for years.   The NFL has limited their Sunday Ticket package to Direct TV for years;   Howard Stern is only available on Sirius;   Major League Baseball only XM , etc. etc.   When asked about this an MLB spokesperson said that they aren’t blocking people from their programming – they can simply switch to Direct TV.

I shouldn’t expect these people to care but for once I wish the best interests of the fans would be considered.   Forcing the fans to switch cable systems to watch is just not right.   Unfortunately right isn’t what counts.   Dollars do and it’s a shame.

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