Week in review

I’ve been meaning to write about so many things I’ve read, heard, or talked about – I just couldn’t get my mind around finding the time to put my thoughts to virtual paper.

First off, a friend and I were talking about how different we are from those in the bible belt and specifically our differing views on marriage. You see – later this year I’m getting married at the young age of 39. Apparently in some parts of the country this would be seen as an affront. Of course living here in the east, it’s not unusual at all. It’s weird how different we are. I assume most people have questions about god; they assume everyone believes there is one. They think everyone should be married and working on kid number 3 by 25 and I wonder why anyone would want to bring children into this world. It is just amazing how different we all are.

Then there is General Peter Pace and his views on homosexuals in the military and in general. I don’t expect that the military would be especially forward thinking, but the last I heard, we’re in a war. I would think that we shouldn’t be declining anyone that wants to serve this country. Shouldn’t desire be the only thing that counts? Kristen tells me that the military has lost 50 Arabic language analysts and 10,000 troops due to this policy. Again, aren’t we in a war?

What people like this seem to forget is that like it or not – they don’t get to determine what an American is. The people in this country scare me at times.; the lack of caring; the obsession with forcing people to assimilate. The overwhelming need to marginalize everyone unlike them.

Sometimes the following image wouldn’t be such a bad thing.


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