Amazing Race: Rob and Amber – we’ll miss you not

romber.jpgIf you haven’t watched The Amazing Race yet – shame on you. If so – how shocking was it to lose Rob and Amber (Romber) after their winning the first 3 legs of the race? While great competitors – they were the epitome of Boston arrogant and had become the team everyone loved to hate.

Funny thing was their downfall was not knowing how to race from the back of the pack. While the other teams have had to race from behind – Romber never has and didn’t know what to do. By the time they had gotten to the last challenge, they had given up; you could tell by their body language.

To lose to the whiny Mirna and Shmirna (Charla) team is downright embarrassing – and enjoyable as hell.

4 thoughts on “Amazing Race: Rob and Amber – we’ll miss you not

  1. (Okay, I can forgive this spoiler for a time-shifted show we didn’t watch yet, especially when I think our dvd recorder screwed up due to the time change and didn’t record it anyway!)

    Well, Romber already had a million or two, so there’s really not as much impetus to keep going when the going gets tough, eh?

    Not sure why, but I’ve weirdly found myself liking Romber more and more during the last 17 of their 84 reality show overexposures. Despite their overconfidence, they have a hint of a real and grounded quality that at least endears them to me much more than many of the other teams this year, whom I’ve dubbed “the ongoing parade of the dumb”.

    Geez, Myrna and Shmyrna are single-handedly pushing forward a campaign against political correctness — we left-leaning moderates WANT to like the “little person” and all, but her only major redeeming quality is that she’s somewhat less obnoxious than her tall cousin.

  2. Sorry – I gave it a one day grace period.

    I guess I have had a problem with the whole Romber assault on reality TV. I mean, isn’t it suppose to be only 15 minutes of fame? Last night Kristen and I ranked the teams – Oswald and Danny (Miami) and Uchenna and Joyce are 1 and 2. The other teams, it would be a sin if any of them won.

  3. Personally I love Joyce and Uchenna. I also like Oswald and Danny. Honestly I think I would have liked Rob and Amber to stay just because they were so easy to hate, but seeing their arrogance suffer such a public humiliation was enjoyable.

    That said – I can’t stand Myna and Charla. I dislike them even more than Romber, but they’re simply annoying and you want to see the arrogant lose.

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