Embarrassing story of the week

You have to be able to laugh at yourself.

Yesterday I was in a conference call in a co-worker’s office.   Just me and him.   About an hour into the call it happened – I farted.   Passed gas if you like that better.   I had been holding it in the entire hour and finally at the 59 minute mark, it just came out.   Now mind you, I never do that in front of other people – I just don’t like to.

So what do you do?   This one was a SBD.   I prayed and prayed there’d be no smell – and there it was;   In a closed office.   Thank god it wasn’t my boss or someone who would have said something.   He remained silent – I opened the door. I left a few minutes later with my tail between my legs.

If you have a sense of humor, share your embarrassing story.

4 thoughts on “Embarrassing story of the week

  1. Well, it’s not up to the standard of a passing gas story…

    But I almost cracked myself up on the air today when I was doing a traffic item. I said, “The Chinese New Year parade has “Rice” street closed between 9th and 11th….”

    Race Street has never been tastier. Somebody hand me some chopsticks!

  2. King Wolfie once woke up balls naked in a medical facility in Cancun Mecxico. In 2003, on the second night of a 10 day stay I was hospitalized (NAKED). And not because I partied hard…but, because some clown thought it would be funny to drop a pill in my drink at some point. Now, the waking up naked in front of the doctors, nurses and other medical staffers isn’t really the embarrasing part as I was wheeled out on a stretcher out of the Oasis Hotel (the biggest party hotel with the busiest lobby) in front of hundreds of co-eds in….GET THIS…. SOCKS! OUCH! I found out the next day once I had gathered my marbles and needless to say….I was a little uncomfortable knowing that the entire hotel has seen me in SOCKS, JUST SOCKS. HAHAAA
    King Wolfie- OUT!

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