Embarrassing story of the week

You have to be able to laugh at yourself.

Yesterday I was in a conference call in a co-worker’s office.   Just me and him.   About an hour into the call it happened – I farted.   Passed gas if you like that better.   I had been holding it in the entire hour and finally at the 59 minute mark, it just came out.   Now mind you, I never do that in front of other people – I just don’t like to.

So what do you do?   This one was a SBD.   I prayed and prayed there’d be no smell – and there it was;   In a closed office.   Thank god it wasn’t my boss or someone who would have said something.   He remained silent – I opened the door. I left a few minutes later with my tail between my legs.

If you have a sense of humor, share your embarrassing story.

  • http://merujo.blogspot.com Merujo

    I’ve had so many, I’m gonna have to ponder this!

    In the meantime, an appropriate Mythbusters clip (never to be broadcast, I’m sure) for your entertainment: http://youtube.com/watch?v=RHcDP_Yew-g

  • http://www.svrspy.blogspot.com Scarlet

    Ummmm, I can’t think of anything. Usually I’m jusy klutzy.

  • http://www.cynicsgirl.blogspot.com Cyn

    Well, it’s not up to the standard of a passing gas story…

    But I almost cracked myself up on the air today when I was doing a traffic item. I said, “The Chinese New Year parade has “Rice” street closed between 9th and 11th….”

    Race Street has never been tastier. Somebody hand me some chopsticks!

  • http://wolfiesworld-wolfie.blogspot.com/ King Wolfie

    King Wolfie once woke up balls naked in a medical facility in Cancun Mecxico. In 2003, on the second night of a 10 day stay I was hospitalized (NAKED). And not because I partied hard…but, because some clown thought it would be funny to drop a pill in my drink at some point. Now, the waking up naked in front of the doctors, nurses and other medical staffers isn’t really the embarrasing part as I was wheeled out on a stretcher out of the Oasis Hotel (the biggest party hotel with the busiest lobby) in front of hundreds of co-eds in….GET THIS…. SOCKS! OUCH! I found out the next day once I had gathered my marbles and needless to say….I was a little uncomfortable knowing that the entire hotel has seen me in SOCKS, JUST SOCKS. HAHAAA
    King Wolfie- OUT!