Circuit City can rot in hell: time to boycott

Apparently Circuit City isn’t doing well. And to fix things they’ve decided to lay off 3,400 “high paid” clerks. High paid means anywhere from $8-15.   Once they’re laid off, they will be replaced with lower paid clerks. Brilliant.

I wonder how much in bonuses Circuit City executives are paid? But did they cut these?

I worked at Circuit City when I was in college. It paid well, and my co-workers were sales professionals; mostly men, well dressed, articulate men that knew the products they sold. What did Circuit City do? They replaced this highly qualified staff in the late nineties with low-wage workers with little training and where product knowledge is not as important as taking the order. And now it’s time to take on the low paid worker?

It is particularly galling that they trying to right their company (and stock price) on the backs of people who are barely making the minimum wage. I have an idea – how about selling more products? Cutting executive perks? Cutting customer service is not the way to increased sales. But it is the way to increased stock prices, which of course went up when this news broke.

So I will not be shopping at Circuit City, and neither should you. Any company that so blatantly builds profits on the backs of the poor, doesn’t deserve your patronage.

Let’s talk about boobs

Over at Church of the Big Sky, Merujo wrote a rather funny article about some boob slippage she came across at the local CVS. I started to respond to say that all boob slippages are welcome events – but then rethought that postition. It reminded me of an article my friend Ryan wrote some time ago. Due to an unfortunate work incident, he’s no longer blogging, but here’s that post for posterity sake.

By Ryan
(Updated with new Cleavages at the bottom)

Over the course of a few conversations lately, it’s come to my attention that women think they can show cleavage and men won’t look. Foolish, foolish ladies.

It’s not that we want to look at your cleavage. It’s that we really, really want to look at your cleavage. We know we shouldn’t, but we can’t help it, it’s like telling a woman to not look at shoes, chocolate cake, or her own ass in the mirror.

It doesn’t even matter if it’s good cleavage. There is also train wreck cleavage that you feel gross about, but curiosity gets the better of you. Plus, it gives you something to compare to when you see good cleavage.

Now, I’m a happily married man (to a woman with excellent cleavage) but that doesn’t change the fact that I love other cleavage like any straight man does. Cleavage = Beauty. I’d be just as distraught if I was told I’d never again be able to look at a sunset, a dew-covered par 3, or an untouched field of snow. Ok, I’d be less distraught, but distraught nonetheless.

Being that I’m a bit of a cleavage expert, and a bit of a rip off, I’m going to describe all the different cleavages in the same style as those fart books at Spencers Gifts. Now, if I just had a good illustrator I might be able to make some money.

Basic Cleavage: Run of the mill, top of the breast with quick glances aloud when attention is diverted from the breast possessor.

Side Cleavage: Continue reading

Getting my ass off the couch: exercise and dieting

For the first time in ages, I went to my gym. There is nothing that makes you feel quite as guilty as paying for a monthly gym membership and never going. I remember once after a long absence from the gym, I walked in, scanned my ID, and the receptionist said “Welcome back!”. I slunk to a treadmill and wasn’t seen at the gym for months afterwards.

Anyway – I’ve made it a goal of mine to lose significant weight. So far by just dieting I’ve lost near 20 pounds; but I realized after walking up a flight of stairs last week I needed to do more. So anyone that sees me and notices I’ve lost a couple of pounds says to me “so you’re on the wedding diet”.

I’m as vain as the Continue reading

How Baseball cares for it’s fans

Major League Baseball has decided to offer their Extra Innings package exclusively to Direct TV subscribers.   (Extra Innings allows a subscriber to watch every baseball game being played except for games in their local area).   The exclusivity is because Direct TV has offered to pay the MLB $700 million over the next seven years and MLB is trying to hold cable hostage for money.   Unless the cable networks agree to match the offer – then cable viewers across the country won’t be able to subscribe to Extra Innings.

In this age of de-regulation, corporate media providers (yes that’s what the sports leagues are) don’t feel any committment to th fans that have supported them for years.   The NFL has limited their Sunday Ticket package to Direct TV for years;   Howard Stern is only available on Sirius;   Major League Baseball only XM , etc. etc.   When asked about this an MLB spokesperson said that they aren’t blocking people from their programming – they can simply switch to Direct TV.

I shouldn’t expect these people to care but for once I wish the best interests of the fans would be considered.   Forcing the fans to switch cable systems to watch is just not right.   Unfortunately right isn’t what counts.   Dollars do and it’s a shame.

Spring iTunes Random 10

Here are 10 songs randomly chosen from songs that have spring, sun, rain, or flowers in the title:

  1. Sunshine (Come on Lady) – Josh Rouse
  2. Raindrop – Reindeer Section
  3. Some Rainy Sunday – Julianna Hatfield
  4.  Waiting for the Sun – The Jayhawks
  5. Catch The Sun – Doves
  6. Sundrops – Kristin Hersh
  7. Can You Stand the Rain – New Edition
  8. Don’t Steal Our Our Sun – The Thrills
  9. No Rain – Blind Melon
  10. Sun King – The Beatles

TGIF – welcome to spring!

Showdown in the Capitol

Yesterday I was stuck in Cincinnati between flights. While waiting I was afforded the opportunity to watch George Bush’s press conference on the current federal prosecutor scandal that currently has the attention of the Senate. It was quite a showing. I still get a kick out of him attempting to grasp English, but not the point I am planning to make.

Ever since George Bush became President, he has been less than forthcoming regarding the inner workings of the White House. Whether it be Halliburton, the Valerie Plame incident, the lead up to the Iraq War and the search for WMD, or the current situation – George Bush and his gang of cronies operate like the mob. They say nothing, and if caught, smile and still say nothing. No, this President won’t rat on his rats, err, I mean people. Never mind that one of the people he should be ratting on right now, is the nation’s chief law enforcement official, the person charged with creating a law and order atmosphere.

Whether or not Alberto Gonzalez conspired with Bush and Karl Rove to fire eight prosecutors that dared investigate corruption in the government is not wholly the issue. The President said yesterday that these men and women serve at the will of the President. What he doesn’t seem to realize is that they are also charged with investigating crimes – even if the criminals are their bosses. By firing these lawyers for doing this, and then trashing their reputations by saying they were fired for performance issues (one has rightly asked for a public apology), the President has made an example of what happens to those that dare cross him. How does this serve justice?

So now the President has been caught. Months after his Republicans Continue reading

Week in review

I’ve been meaning to write about so many things I’ve read, heard, or talked about – I just couldn’t get my mind around finding the time to put my thoughts to virtual paper.

First off, a friend and I were talking about how different we are from those in the bible belt and specifically our differing views on marriage. You see – later this year I’m getting married at the young age of 39. Apparently in some parts of the country this would be seen as an affront. Of course living here in the east, it’s not unusual at all. It’s weird how different we are. I assume most people have questions about god; they assume everyone believes there is one. They think everyone should be married and working on kid number 3 by 25 and I wonder why anyone would want to bring children into this world. It is just amazing how different we all are.

Then there is General Peter Pace and his views on homosexuals in the military and in general. I don’t expect that the military would be especially forward thinking, but the last I heard, we’re in a war. I would think that we shouldn’t be declining anyone that wants to serve this country. Shouldn’t desire be the only thing that counts? Kristen tells me that the military has lost 50 Arabic language analysts and 10,000 troops due to this policy. Again, aren’t we in a war?

What people like this seem to forget is that like it or not – they don’t get to determine what an American is. The people in this country scare me at times.; the lack of caring; the obsession with forcing people to assimilate. The overwhelming need to marginalize everyone unlike them.

Sometimes the following image wouldn’t be such a bad thing.