New JCPenney Commercial (and song)

Update (2/26/09) – Follow the link for info on the music from the JCPenney Commercials played during the the 2009 Oscars.

Update: Here’s the music to a second American Living commercial

Update: Click the following link for more info on the JC Penney American Living commercial (played during the 2008 Oscars)

Update: Click the following link for more info on the 2007 Holiday JCPenney Holiday commercials

Update: Click the following link if you’re looking for the Music Box commercial that is currently running.

Last night during the Oscars JCPenney introduced a new ad campaign that included a great song by a band called Forever Thursday (which may just be Aussie singer Melanie Horsnell – not sure). Sounds a lot like something Fiona Apple or Regina Spektor would do. You can check it out at her Myspace page:

Update: Now it’s on iTunes

Forever Thursday - How Can It Be - Single

Forever Thursday

Update: Forever Thursday is a company that creates music and film for advertising. You can listen to the song at the link above.

You can see the JCPenney commercial here.

The campaign signifies a slick new direction for JCPenney. A lot like Target in look and feel. It looks like they commissioned their own music – the look isn’t as distinct as the Target campaign, but based on sound alone, it may make a mark. Smart move for them.

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  1. Forever Thursday – How can it be?

    Striking song– Made me seek it out online (and I am over 50yrs!) Excellent move on JC Penney’s part (and branding).

  2. Without stoking an Apple vs PC debate, anyone know why this song is only available on iTunes? Any chance it will come available at one of the PC (WMP-friendly) sites?

  3. Well – iTunes is the only store that is cross platform compatible – so as a Mac owner, I’m glad if they chose one, that this was the one. If you want it in WM format. you can burn it to a cd, and then re-import it to WMA format.

  4. Love it! Love it! Also went online to search for the song. It’s great to hear something so refreshing. JC Penney can certainly hold their own.

  5. Glad to be of service. This little posting has increased my traffic by over 400%. A comment on the impact of the JCPenney ad.

    But does it change your opinion of them?

  6. As great as that Ad with the Rotating set is, and the music is delightful. I would love to know who the composer or artists who do the music for the Ad with The People Re-enacting scenes from movies. With all the “daba,daba, dumm, da da, ba, ba ba”. I have always been fond of that style of music from the old comedies of the late 50’s early 60’s. So if anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks.

  7. Well I’ll be darned, Spencer, thank you very much. I have (PC) iTunes for a dabbling here and there, but it isn’t my music depository. Your suggestion to go from iTunes to CD to WMA worked simply and beautifully. And I enjoy this song very much. Goes well with my “Walking” (exercise) playlist. — Thanks! (PS — Nice site.)

  8. Meg – you’re welcome and thank you.

    What would be best is if there was no copy protection. It’s not as if it isn’t easy to get around – and I think more people would buy music.

    BTW – hope you can stop by every once an awhile.

  9. The comment above is not from Meg Collins is it? I love this song too and searched the web for it and here I am. I thought it was an old 50’s song. Love it!

  10. ive worked at JCPenney for close to 5 years now and this new rollout of the new commercial and song is great! alot of our customers love it. i enjoy seeing all the wonderful and positive comments on here about the impact it has had on your shopping experience with us. thank you Spencer for putting the song on here. i had been looking for it and now i have downloaded it! thanks again!!!

  11. The JC Penney Commercial that re-enacts the diff’nt scenes from some of the most classic American movies incorporates the Swingle Sound made famous by such groups as the Swingle Singers. The name of the song is “American Gateway (or getaway)” from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. As to the actual artist (s) who sing the song for the JC Penney commercial, I’m still researching that. If you find out please let me know, but this particular commercial is my fav out of all of them (but they are all great).

  12. Amazing. I too am in my 50’s and this song intrigued me to the point of seeking it out online. Wonderfully crafted commercial and truly surprising that it’s for JC Penney. Didn’t know they had it in ’em! Maybe now they’ll shed that rather dowdy image. I might even shop there for a change. (I always put them in a clothing category with Sears – just a mark off of the current trend).

  13. Just wondering … what is the LATEST/MOST RECENT ad’s song?? I listened to Forever Thursdays’ song and I remember that as well as the Swingle song … but there is a nagging song thats been used since and I am dying to know who it is … I freeeeeeeeeze everytime that ad comes on tv … or am I just confused and was Forever Thurs & Swingle the only 2????

    The Bahamas

  14. hey does anyone know the name of the song in the commercial where its about a music box?
    i love it and really want to know who sings it!!
    please&thank you

  15. i have spent hours searching for the song. i do not have dsl so it was extremely difficult.
    saw the feud between the melanie / spektor arguement.
    there must be 2 different commercials
    because both songs are similar
    you can here the telephone booth bursting with water commercial at j.c.penny website
    it should just start playing unless it downloaded when i did not know it.
    the forever tuesday song how can it be, is so similar the great thing is, is too play the both at the same time.
    the lyrics from the music box are a hoot.
    life inside a music box aint easy
    a mality the gears are always turning
    and everyone inside a machination is urning to get out

  16. I thought the singer of the song was Regina Spektor, but wasn’t completely certain. I’m so glad to have that confirmed. It’s been driving me nuts. I think she does a great job.

  17. I love love love this commercial with Regina Spektor singing Music Box. Who is in the commercial? This ad for JC Penney is so different from their main line stuff. I like it. Keep it up JCP!

  18. Ok, so now: Who sings the song, “How can I tell you?” on the new commercial with the husband giving his wife the necklace while she sleeps? My daughter LOVES that song, and I can’t seem to find it anywhere! I know it’s a remake of an old Cat Stevens song, but who is singing it now?? Help!

  19. hey guys …jc penney has a new commercial out…it’s the one where the kids drops her candy and she is handed a teddy bear by a stranger and a nother young lady loses her skully cap to the wind and she is to handed a new one in a gift wrap… and then various other people begins to open gifts that mysteriously appears ….can anyone tell me who is the artist or the name of the song please….thanks in advance for your assistance

  20. the newest jc penney commercial with the kid getting the teddy bear & etc. going on….the woman singing on the commercial is deb talan. she was previously in a band called “hummingfish,” has some solo albums and is currently in “the weepies.” i don’t know the name of the song, but doesn’t she have a fabulous voice? :-D

  21. The Weepies are a great band! Deb has a great voice…if you’ve only heard her live, in person, she has a mouse-y-like-voice, but man, can she sing!! I had the pleasure of having dinner with her and Steve, and Meghan, and they are truly very humble and down to earth!

    They are coming up and will be around for a while. Imagine, Mandy Moore’s newest album has a touch of the Weepies! :) I see big things for them to come… just wait and see!

  22. hi,
    i’m not sure if i have found what i’m looking for, but i was watching the Oscars on Sunday and saw a new JC Penny ad. the song had a great beat and the artist had a very smooth and velvety voice. i loved what little i heard of the song so much i’ve been searching online to find the name/artist. i’ve managed to write down some of the lyrics and if anyone identifies them and knows for sure who the artist is, PLEASE let me know. here are some of the lyrics: “maybe unbelievable, but it happened just that way, you came into my life now i want you to stay”

  23. i am looking for that song too “maybe unbelievable, but it happened just that way, you came into my life now i just want you to stay”

    i can’t find anything!!! hehe i actual have a few other commercials too.. one for the new ipod touch…..

    i wonder if it’s just too early for stuff to be up on the web for them yet???

  24. Artist is Sleepy Rebels – JC penny remix on itunes

    maybe unbelievable, but it happened just that way, you came into my life now i just want you to stay

  25. The vocalist from Sleepy Rebels ‘Unbelievable’ sounds a lot like Shea Seger to me (May Street Project). Anyone know if it is Shea Seger singing this song?

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