Oscar Recap

I’m sure everyone is waiting for my Oscar recap being that I really don’t like the Oscars, and don’t watch a ton of movies – but Kristen does both, and it is a spectacle.

  1. Next year I’m watching the red carpet, then tuning out until 11 pm. Nothing happens until then anyway.   I’m pretty sure that I don’t need to see the speech for the winner of best costume.

  2. All this talk about protecting our borders and yet somehow Celine Dion is still allowed into this country?

  3. I swear if you put this blog posting to music – it would be better than most Randy Newman songs
  4. Is Martin Scorsese an old Italian grandmother or what? Good for him for winning finally. While The Departed isn’t as great as Goodfellas, it’s still pretty damn amazing. The performances to a tee are phenomenal – the fact that DiCaprio or Nicholson didn’t receive nominations for their performances is a sin
  5. Peace in the middle east? No – my wish is for more Abigail Breslin (just not too much more) and less Dakota Fanning. Fawning, I mean Fanning puts the annoy in annoying. and it’s time that her people pull back before she’s over exposed. Of course she was over exposed three movies ago.
  6. Finally Jessica Biel can keep showing up in see through dresses if you ask me. Hommina.

A couple more things:

Jennifer Hudson on the red carpet: “What the …”


Jennifer Hudson backstage: “Wow!”



Finally, for the second year in a row my Oscar crush goes to a cougar. Last year it was Dolly Parton; this year Helen Mirren. So what she’s old enough to be my mom. She was gorgeous last night.

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