President’s Day iTunes Random 10

I’m not sure how this will work – but in honor of the lucky people that unlike myself, had today off – here’s a random 10 for President’s Day. (Any song with holiday, vacation, and president somewhere in description)

  1. Holiday Mood – Apples In Stereo
  2. Holiday Song – The Pixies
  3. Holiday – Green Day
  4. When the President Talks to God – Bright Eyes
  5. Christ for President – Billy Bragg and Wilco (at this point the themes are getting spooky)
  6. President Kennedy – Eddie Izzard
  7. Holiday in Spain – Counting Crows
  8. We Used to Vacation – Cold War Kids
  9. Handjobs for the Holidays – Broken Social Scene (a concept we should all get behind)
  10. Holiday – Verbow

That worked pretty well I think.

3 thoughts on “President’s Day iTunes Random 10

  1. I’ll have to get creative as the next holiday is labor day. Of course there are so many random subjects worthy of a random 10 – I’m sure I won’t have a problem.

  2. Sorry – the next holiday I have off is Memorial day, not Labor day. Of course it feels like the next holiday isn’t until September.

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