a valentines day itunes random ten

Randomly playing songs in iTunes from the 578 with “Love” in the title. A nice little idea from heart.gifSuze

  1. The Way Young Lovers Do – Jeff Buckley – From the fabulous Live at Sin-e two disc set
  2. I Don’t Love You – My Chemical Romance
  3. Let There Be Love – Oasis
  4. Love Ridden – Fiona Apple
  5. Love Came Down at Christmas – Shawn Colvin
  6. Rule the World With Love – Barenaked Ladies
  7. Tender Love – Jill Sobule
  8. Love Me Do – The Beatles
  9. Because We Love You – Juliana Hatfield
  10. She Loves You – The Beatles

And Happy Valentine’s Day

One thought on “a valentines day itunes random ten

  1. How many songs did the Beatles do with the word ‘love’ in them? I’m sure someone somewhere has counted them. My quick research brought no definite answer.

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