Barack and Hillary sitting in a tree…

A few weeks ago we had dinner with my parents when the subject of Barak Obama came up. My mother automatically dismissed Obama because no one knows who he is. I explained to her that he is the biggest star in the Democratic party, aiming to convince her that he can win. After leaving that conversation. with the election on my mind, I read a post over at Jessica’s Journal where she overheard the following in a conversation:

The Democratic Party is making a big mistake. They are putting a woman and a black man out in front. Neither of them will be elected. If it comes down to that I’m voting for a republican. If either of them did happen to become President, they would probably be assassinated. They could control everything if they put a white guy into the race.

I’ve been guilty in the past of discounting Senator Clinton because she is so polarizing, but I think it’s time to put such talk to sleep. We need to stop assuming victory or loss before the race is even run. George Bush was a pretty polarizing candidate, and yet he’s won twice. And what white guy does this moron want? Al Gore or John Kerry? How about Joe Biden? Yes, the white guy has done a banner job in the past few years. Honestly the comment above is nothing more than an attempt to justify their bigotry.

Bigotry aside, what bothers me most is when a woman won’t support Clinton because she’s a woman or Blacks won’t support Obama because he’s black. It’s a sign of being oppressed so long that even the best and brightest “can’t win” because of their gender or ethnicity. Are you telling me that neither of these two aren’t qualified enough to at least be considered? Obama has too little experience – you don’t want too much experience as a senator running – then you have to answer for your votes. What’s wrong with that?

“I voted for it before I voted against it.”   – John Kerry responding to his vote supporting the Iraq invasion

The last elected President that went from being Congress to the White House was Richard Nixon who was elected in 1968.   Yes, experience is overrated.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are among the best and brightest this country has to offer.

How about letting them talk before we decide that we don’t like what they’re saying.

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  1. Great write-up. I’m in total agreement with you, which doesn’t make for an interesting debate, but what can you do. I wish people would take the advice of the last sentence for many other things as well.

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