New JCPenney Commercial (and song)

Update (2/26/09) – Follow the link for info on the music from the JCPenney Commercials played during the the 2009 Oscars.

Update: Here’s the music to a second American Living commercial

Update: Click the following link for more info on the JC Penney American Living commercial (played during the 2008 Oscars)

Update: Click the following link for more info on the 2007 Holiday JCPenney Holiday commercials

Update: Click the following link if you’re looking for the Music Box commercial that is currently running.

Last night during the Oscars JCPenney introduced a new ad campaign that included a great song by a band called Forever Thursday (which may just be Aussie singer Melanie Horsnell – not sure). Sounds a lot like something Fiona Apple or Regina Spektor would do. You can check it out at her Myspace page:

Update: Now it’s on iTunes

Forever Thursday - How Can It Be - Single

Forever Thursday

Update: Forever Thursday is a company that creates music and film for advertising. You can listen to the song at the link above.

You can see the JCPenney commercial here.

The campaign signifies a slick new direction for JCPenney. A lot like Target in look and feel. It looks like they commissioned their own music – the look isn’t as distinct as the Target campaign, but based on sound alone, it may make a mark. Smart move for them.

Oscar Recap

I’m sure everyone is waiting for my Oscar recap being that I really don’t like the Oscars, and don’t watch a ton of movies – but Kristen does both, and it is a spectacle.

  1. Next year I’m watching the red carpet, then tuning out until 11 pm. Nothing happens until then anyway.   I’m pretty sure that I don’t need to see the speech for the winner of best costume.

  2. All this talk about protecting our borders and yet somehow Celine Dion is still allowed into this country?

  3. I swear if you put this blog posting to music – it would be better than most Randy Newman songs
  4. Is Martin Scorsese an old Italian grandmother or what? Good for him for winning finally. While The Departed isn’t as great as Goodfellas, it’s still pretty damn amazing. The performances to a tee are phenomenal – the fact that DiCaprio or Nicholson didn’t receive nominations for their performances is a sin
  5. Peace in the middle east? No – my wish is for more Abigail Breslin (just not too much more) and less Dakota Fanning. Fawning, I mean Fanning puts the annoy in annoying. and it’s time that her people pull back before she’s over exposed. Of course she was over exposed three movies ago.
  6. Finally Jessica Biel can keep showing up in see through dresses if you ask me. Hommina.

A couple more things:

Jennifer Hudson on the red carpet: “What the …”


Jennifer Hudson backstage: “Wow!” Continue reading

President’s Day iTunes Random 10

I’m not sure how this will work – but in honor of the lucky people that unlike myself, had today off – here’s a random 10 for President’s Day. (Any song with holiday, vacation, and president somewhere in description)

  1. Holiday Mood – Apples In Stereo
  2. Holiday Song – The Pixies
  3. Holiday – Green Day
  4. When the President Talks to God – Bright Eyes
  5. Christ for President – Billy Bragg and Wilco (at this point the themes are getting spooky)
  6. President Kennedy – Eddie Izzard
  7. Holiday in Spain – Counting Crows
  8. We Used to Vacation – Cold War Kids
  9. Handjobs for the Holidays – Broken Social Scene (a concept we should all get behind)
  10. Holiday – Verbow

That worked pretty well I think.

Oppressed no more: John Amaechi

amachiebook.jpgIt’s been roughly two weeks since former NBA player John Amaechi came out in advance of his book Man in the Middle. The resulting controversy has been hilarious (such as the great Shavlik Randolph quote “As long as you don’t bring your gayness on me I’m fine”), sad (as in Tim Hardaway’s hate filled rant), but most of all it has been predictable.

“Women have a right to work wherever they want – as long as they have dinner ready when you get home.” – John Wayne

Many NBA players are little more than children playing child’s game since their late teens for obscene amounts of money. They’ve been coddled, enabled, and entitled their entire lives and they are far removed from a reality that most people would view as normal or healthy. They share a locker room that works to grow and confirm this existence. That they don’t know how to respond when real life enters should not surprise anyone. Hardaway’s comments are simply his way of saying “I fuck women. I LOVE women. I DON’T LOVE MEN! “ in a public forum so as to make sure no one assume he likes the schlong. Anyone that objects this loudly probably has a few issues they need to discuss with a health care professional.

Some 60 years since Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball, the thing that most bothers me about Hardaway’s comments is the entire lack of perspective and knowledge of history that it displays.

In his first 37 games, Jackie Robinson was hit by pitch six times. (In 1946, no player was hit more than six times in the entire season.)

How can you be so intolerant when the history of your people is littered with the exact type of bigotry. The fear of and inability to accept the differences of others made blacks slaves, put the Japanese in interment camps, caused the Holocaust, and has oppressed women. We fail to learn from the mistakes and missteps of those that preceded us. You know you have truly arrived when you have gone from the oppressed to the oppressor.

So if gays and lesbians want to see a silver lining in all of this, here it is: in thirty years or so time, your turn to look down on some group will come.