Lock up your geezers – The Police reunion

The Police were my favorite band of the 80’s and they introduced me to rock. The reality that I might get to see them live is something I just never expected. Sting was a big enough star on his own – he didn’t need Andy or Stewart to play the music he wanted to play, and for a while this worked. I saw Sting probably a half dozen times, and each time was great. His post Police music was good, but with each album he moved closer and closer to music my parents would like. So to see them get back to their 80’s roots is cool.

All this said – I probably won’t see them. I would have loved to see them play when they last played in the U.S. at the Amnesty International concert at the Meadowlands in 1986, but the 2007 version should not be confused for the real thing. This version will be about making money with the tickets surely to be in excess of $100 on average. Seeing geezers rock is never good – especially geezers that you liked when they weren’t geezers. The music will be toned down, played to appeal to an aging fan base. I may be aging, but I don’t like my music toned down. So when they come around, I will not be there. I prefer to remember my geezers as not geezers.

Other stuff:

Shawn Colvin released her version of Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy on iTunes. Shawn’s version makes the lyrics come out. Check it out – it makes you realize how good the original song is

Shawn Colvin - Crazy - Single

8 thoughts on “Lock up your geezers – The Police reunion

  1. I agree. The few geezer concerts I went to were yawners. I even remember being dragged to a Pink Floyd (puke) concert in the early or mid 90s and… this is so lame… the gray-haired people sitting behind us kept yelling “DOWN IN FRONT” to the [hundreds of] people standing to see the stage. I understand that sitting is more comfortable, but for two hours on one evening, you can’t get into the spirit and stand up? OLD. Maybe they got confused and thought they were watching Pink Floyd on PBS.

  2. I am going to politely disagree. I don’t really think that The Police’s music can be toned down. It’s pretty punchy/punky stuff. I think Sting has strayed in recent years. But, I don’t think The Police are going to come out lame if they get the chance. They just seem smarter than that. I think they know that they left the band with a great legacy that they won’t want to tarnish. I realize its about money. But, I also think these guys seem like they might have some real pride in this band. None of them really needs the money. I think getting them to agree took some “fence-mending”. I think they are going out there to celebrate their legacy and swing for the fences. Who knows? But, I am going to see them.

  3. I saw the Rolling Stones back in 97 or 98…they were amazing! They look like hell and are getting up there in years, but they still rocked it right!!

  4. I could never afford the Police tickets for this concert. I’m sure eventually, I’ll see it on cable or DVD somewhere. But the concert experience is dimmed for me when the ticket price (and the extra fees) make me dizzy and sick, and you’re most likely getting a worse live experience than the $25 gig where you’re up close and personal with someone who actually cares that you came to see him. (Or her.) It makes a difference to that artist. And it resonates with you on a very personal level.

    Sting? Hell, he’ll go out the next day and strum his lute for some Oldsmobile commercial, make a cool mil, and forget what city he played in the night before.

    And thanks for the Shawn Colvin heads-up. I just went and listened to a snippet on iTunes. What a brilliant spin on “Crazy”!!

  5. Thanks for the shawn colvin heads up – it’s an amazing version of a great song…

    I know my Father in law is excited about the police reunion. But I’m not sure I’m as excited…

  6. Any idea where I can download Shawn Colvin’s “Crazy”? I tried to get it from iTunes this morning, but it’s no longer available. I try to do these things legally where possible, so it’s frustrating when

  7. Looks like it’s a screw-up on Apple’s part. Got the following response from Shawn Colvin’s webmaster:

    Nonesuch and I just found out about this today thanks to someone posting a note on the My Space page. Nonesuch contacted ITunes — there was a screw-up on the ITunes end where it got mistakenly rerouted out of circulation and into upcoming releases, argh! We’ll have it back up sooner than the 26th, though not sure of the exact date yet. Watch this space, I’ll post a note as soon as I know.

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