Yet another new look

This is temporary theme. Working on the new one.

This is it baby! Get to use my own picture above. Let me know your thoughts.

I tried the other design – and I liked the way it looked, but it was too hard for me to modify, and me not being a programmer – that’s important. So welcome to the new look – everything is pretty much where it was before – just with new underpinnings.

  • Merujo

    Oooh, this is funky. Now that I’ve been forceably migrated to New Blogger, I have to check out what I can do…

  • Spencer

    I have to say it’s seeming like this is temporary – I’m finding some issues with this one too.


  • Jessica

    Looks fresh. I love opening a blog buddy and finding something new and pretty!

  • Scarlet

    I love that shot.

  • suze

    ooooh. i like it :)