Michael Penn Greatest Hits – Palms and Runes, Tarot and Tea

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There will be a new collection of Michael Penn music tentatively scheduled for release 3/27/2007 4/17/2007 on Sony/BMG labels. I’ve been fortunate enough to hear the CD and will say that it is worth buying these songs again even if you have all of Michael’s work. The reworked tracks are worth the price – and since all of the tracks have been remastered, the old songs sound new and vibrant.

And for the most of you that don’t know who Michael Penn is, this is an excellent chance to find out about one of the best singer songwriters around today.

Here is track listing:

Lucky One (Version One) (Previously Unreleased)
Bunker Hill (New Version) (Previously Unreleased)
Out Of My Hands
Cupid’s Got A Brand New Gun (New Vers.) (Previously Unreleased)
Try (Alt. Vers.) (Previously Unreleased)
No Myth
Barely A Sound (Instrumental) (Previously Unreleased)
Don’t Let Me Go
All That That Implies
Whole Truth
Brave New World
Me Around (Demo) (Previously Unreleased)
Long Way Down (Look What The Cat Drug In) (New Version) (Previously
Macy Day Parade
Bucket Brigade
I Can Tell
Walter Reed
Opening (From The Film, “Melvin Goes To Dinner) (Previously Unreleased)

7 thoughts on “Michael Penn Greatest Hits – Palms and Runes, Tarot and Tea

  1. Hi Spencer – this is great news, and I can’t wait to hear the remasters and new versions of old favorites. But, since this is being issued by MP’s former label, will he get any proceeds from the sales of this compilation album?

  2. Absolutely. Michael has been working with Sony on this project. Turns out Michael has a fan there that wasn’t there when Michael was on the label. Long story short, Michael supports this project 100% and as part of it recorded a few tracks it, and allowed Sony to include Walter Reed which is not part of the Sony Catalog.

    On top of all this, Mr. Hollywood Jr. 1947 will be a re-released by Sony with updated packaging and a bonus disc.

  3. Spencer:

    Do you know if the Hits CD will have any promotional releases? That’s how I ended up buying three MHjr cds, to get the Border’s score cd. They did make wonderful gifts, though…

    I just want to make sure before I order it online.



  4. As far as I know – no. I’ve asked both his manager and the label – and they say that the only bonus will be in the re-release of Mr. Hollywood Jr.

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