President Palmer – you’re no President Palmer

If you haven’t watched the first two nights – then you ought not read this article (of course if you haven’t watched the first two nights, maybe you should back away from the computer and go watch them).

What a fantastic four hours of 24.   I was shocked in season 2 when the bomb went off mid-season, so I definitely didn’t expect that to happen in the fourth hour of the show.   And if you know 24, you know that this isn’t the main story.   The bomb (or five bombs) aren’t the issue – there’s another game afoot.

Couple of thoughts:

  • Curtis – we hardly even knew thee.   All it took is for me to pronounce Curtis’ invincibility for him to bite it.   Not only is he killed, but he’s killed by Jack who is protecting a terrorist – oh the irony.
  • CTU is as stealthy as George Bush at a gay pride parade.   First they inadvertently warn the terrorist that Jack was trailing, giving him time to kill himself.   Then they allow the bomb to be set off by doing the same thing at the warehouse.
  • This President Palmer is making me miss President Logan – not to mention the first President Palmer.   The show is 4 hours old – he’s made a deal with China to get Jack, and then two deals with Fayed, and finally pardoned Al-Assad.
  • Big role by Kal Penn.   I guess they didn’t want to take time from a Harold and Kumar of Van Wilder sequel
  • Yes – Chloe is still bitchtasic


2 thoughts on “President Palmer – you’re no President Palmer

  1. I’m way behind in my blog-reading (although not my 24 viewing!) so forgive the belatedness of this comment.

    Didn’t you just love the how-could-you look Curtis gave Jack when he realized Jack shot him?

    Then again, ya gotta wonder if Jack might have stopped Curtis by, say, shooting him in the leg?

    Personally, I don’t know how President Palmer #2 could have been elected. Perhaps an indication more about the quality of the acting than the writing. He just doesn’t give off that President vibe. Of course, all pale in comparison to Pres Palmer #1 and his commanding voice which regularly makes me want to change my insurance coverage.

    Chloe pretty much makes the show – although her new anchor-hair threw me at first. I was afraid she’d get all corporate on us and stuff. Thankfully, not. I like her love-interest dynamic too.

    Although nothing quite compares to the Cain & Abel plastic-bag-over-the-head interrogation…imagine Thanksgiving dinner with that family!

  2. i love chloe. she just gets better and better each season.

    and i agree about president palmer. what happened to the ‘we do not negotiate with terrorists…”

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