24 Reasons to watch 24

If seasons one through five weren’t enough, I thought I’d come up with 24 more reasons why you should be watching the best show on television starting this Sunday with a two night, four hour premier. So here they are:

  1. Jack Bauer will kick your skinny/fat/scary ass if you don’t
  2. Gregory Itzin and Jean Smart reprise their Emmy nominated roles as President and First Lady Logan. Of course this season Itzin plays the former President which leads me to #3
  3. Six seasons – five Presidents. If only we had this kind of turnover in real life
  4. Bitchtastic and creepy hot Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe
  5. Stuff done blowed up – a lot!
  6. One hour of sex – one hour of 24 – both leave you winded, needing a shower, and wanting more
  7. I don’t care who you are – anyone can die at anytime (except for Jack of course, and…)
  8. Curtis – I’ve been on the Curtis death watch for 2 years now – and he’s almost as kickass as Jack is
  9. No hiatus – an episode every week until the 24th hour
  10. Yes – Jack does save the world every season – and yet it never gets old
  11. The unavoidable appearance of 80’s stars gone missing – from Lou Diamond Phillips to Peter Weller – someone stops by every year. Can we get Molly Ringwald this year?
  12. 24 hours – Jack gets zero bathroom breaks
  13. Don’t like the character? More than likely Jack will take care of them by season end
  14. Any phone Jack is using – a smart phone
  15. 124 hours in and still waiting for a bad hour
  16. Don’t turn your back on the First Lady. She always kicks ass.
  17. An hour of 24 – followed by an hour of Heroes makes for the best night on TV
  18. Kiefer’s sexy bedroom voice
  19. Jack Bauer in Baghdad – cleared up in 24 hours!
  20. Torture – not only legal, but welcome
  21. Even the IT chick kills bad guys
  22. Finally a reason to look forward to Mondays
  23. The shortest theme song on TV is the most effective theme song on TV
  24. If you haven’t watched any of the previous seasons – no worries – every day’s a new day


8 thoughts on “24 Reasons to watch 24

  1. Does it start tonight? Or did I already miss the beginning. It’s hard for me to keep up on shows like this…I watched it the first season, but I’ll try this time again.

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